3 Fast and Effective Twitter Marketing Strategies

Have you been struggling to find ways to attract new customers by marketing on Twitter?  You’re not alone!   This article offers proven tips and strategies for anyone who wants to use Twitter marketing to grow their business.

By now you may have an account set up.  You may even have begun tweeting a bit and checking out new people in your timeline.  Or perhaps you haven’t done any of this!  Twitter can be an intimidating site unless you have a solid strategy in place.  There is plenty of reason, however, to begin implementing a good Twitter marketing strategy right away!  Did you know that 75% of Twitter users admit to being more likely to purchase from a brand they follow?  In addition 67% of users are likely to recommend a brand they follow!  One thing seems certain, if you aren’t strategically marketing on Twitter then you are missing out on massive amounts of sales and referrals!

3 simple Twitter marketing strategies you can implement that will produce results

1.    Set Yourself Up For Success

Have your keywords in your Twitter bio/profile

The easiest way to get new business is by letting potential clients find you.  Make sure you have filled in your profile information, added a website and used your top keywords in your bio.  You’ll also want to add yourself to multiple Twitter directories like Twellow and WeFollow.  Make sure you’ve included a link to your Twitter account on your website and also on your other social networking sites.

2.    Eliminate the Competition

Establish your expertise with a Twitter marketing strategy that emphasizes quality content and social engagement with your followers.  Offer a variety of valuable content surrounding your products and services in the form of video, insightful blog posts and valuable information.  Be conversational and show an interest in what other people are doing.  You’ll be the only person your target market thinks of when they are ready to buy!

3.    It Really Is Who You Know

Everyone wants to be associated with a winner so be sure you present yourself as one.  Use the advanced Twitter search function, popular Twitter sites such as Summify and Twilert where you can watch what your potential clients and competitors are doing.  Identify your industry influencers early on and openly tweet to them.  Simply being seen associating with all the right people can make a big impact on your bottom line.

Marketing on Twitter doesn’t need to be difficult.  Create and follow a strategy, be consistent and be patient.  Results are guaranteed to follow!  How do you use Twitter?  Leave us a comment and share your favorite tip, tool or technique that you use in order to get the most out of your Twitter marketing strategy.



  • Great article. Short and too the point with powerful advise. I’m using tweetadder to target my follows and followers. What are your thoughts on this software? Is there a similar software for Facebook you might recommend?

  • Great tips Melonie! I would also add your twitter URL (along with all your social network sites to your email signature line

  • I never tried marketing with twitter but I believe it is possible. I will try to implement what you mentioned. Though it seems it will take much effort. Thx for the info.

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