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3 Reasons Social Media For Businesses Is A Waste Of Time

To Facebook or not to Facebook? That is the question!

Have you wondered if using social media for businesses is a waste of time?  You maybe even be using it without much in the way of results. With endless debate in the business domain, it’s hard to escape the topic of is social media a waste of time.  The words of Shakespeare come to mind when pondering the social media woes of entrepreneurs and executives alike…”To Facebook or not to Facebook?”

If you’re wondering if social media has been wasting you and your company’s time then the next three points could potentially be a real eye opener.

Social Media for Businesses Is a Waste of Time If….

1. It’s All About You

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade, I officially excuse you from this mistake. Truthfully, traditional advertising used to be incredibly successful by shoving a message down your throat a thousand times a day from every possible angle. If you’re going to understand only one thing about social media for businesses and overall social media marketing in 2011, then make it this…

It’s all about your customer. Period.

You never want to be talking at your audience, you must always be talking TO them. Social media marketing success is 100% dependent on engagement and communication. Write that down!

2. You Have No Personality

This could be a rude awakening but…you might be boring. Your social media strategy must be centered around creating an online brand identity. When people read your tweets do they get a feeling for who you are as a person? Do you come off as someone people want to be around? These questions are important.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and discuss your interests. Seeks opinions from others, people respond very well when they feel needed or valued. Don’t ever be afraid to make a mistake with social media – sometimes a mistake can turn into a great customer experience depending on how it is handled.

Social media for businesses should be fun, in fact the most popular tweeters are quite often very quirky people but they also share great content. People want to know there’s a real person behind the business. Show them!

3. You Are Trying To Sell People

Yes, sales are the point of your business and it’s a good idea to be focused on getting more, BUT your customers don’t care about your newest product when it’s sitting between photos of loved ones in their news feed.  Anyone who thinks that social media for businesses is all about sales will fall flat on their face!

Anyone who has received a call from a telemarketer during dinnertime with the family knows how ineffective (and annoying) it can be. Your sales pitches online are equally unwelcome and will be ignored. How do you get around it?

Let’s say you are trying to sell a hammer. An example of the wrong thing to say would be “Our new super awesome hammer is on sale for an incredible $19! Get one today!”

Instead, try initiating conversation around the frustrations of conventional hammers using the experiences of your audience to spark engagement. Maybe even post a funny picture of someone smashing a computer with a hammer and a caption saying, “Have you tried our anti-virus software? It’s the best in the world!” Which one do you think will get more replies?

Don’t Forget, It’s All About Your Audience

People only post on things relevant to them and you must never forget that. Before you hit the “post” button on Facebook or Twitter, ask yourself, “Can my audience relate to this?” or “Will they find value in this?”

What have your experiences been in using social media for businesses, share both your good and bad stories in the comments below.


  1. Juan Felix says:

    Hi Melonie, again a great post 🙂 I love the examples you use to elaborate your number 3. I must say you just hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for writing and sharing this. – Juan.

  2. Thanks Juan, I appreciate your kind words and glad you liked the examples in #3.

  3. Stephanie Gabriel says:

    Hi Melonie! You’ve really outlined several major points to increase engagement and see value – people want to feel part of a community and results can change when you follow some simple guidelines — great!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I’m glad you liked it. You are right that people want to feel like part of a community and that’s how social media needs to be approached!

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