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3 Ways to Supercharge Your Tweets

social network strategyYour social network strategy has to extend to every single tiny detail of what you do online. When you are promoting your articles, blogs or website on Twitter, you need to be able to present an attractive reason to click your links within 120 characters or less…wait, did I say 120 characters?

You’re going to find out why 120 characters wasn’t a typo, plus a couple other great tips to boost traffic to your website or blog, increase engagement on your social media profiles and drastically increase the visibility of your business online.

1. Tweet In 120 Characters Or Less

Social network strategy

Why you ask? Is it digital blasphemy to leave any of the 140 precious characters unoccupied? The reason why you want to do this is simple.


There are tons of people that don’t use the retweet button and prefer to re-post your tweet and mention you instead. If you’ve taken up too much space in your tweet, they won’t be able to fit their mention to you inside of it. You run the risk of not receiving recognition or, even worse, not spreading your information at all.

2. Ask More Questions

This is what its all about. You’ve got to be social and to do that there must be dialogue. What better way to accomplish dialogue than asking questions?

Asking thought provoking questions is one of the best ways to interact on Twitter because it gives people a reason to reach out to you and share their views with yours. If you aim to be influential in your industry, start asking questions about important topics related to it and engage with the responses. This is the quintessential element of a successful social network strategy.

Most people don’t even realize they aren’t asking any questions but may have already noticed the side effects, i.e. lack of @mentions. Have a nice balance of content and conversation.

3. Most of Your Tweets Should Be @Mentions

social network strategy

Your social network strategy is ineffective unless you are focused on the operative word in the term: social.

You should be providing an abundance of rich, quality content but you also need to be interacting with people within your target market that are discussing your product, service, industry or competitors.

At least roughly two thirds of your interactions on Twitter should be @mentions, which include replies, shouting out to people, answering questions or any form of one-on-one communication with another user.

If you do implement this one strategy, you could easily be seeing double or triple the engagement rates within days. Try it out!

There Is Always One Constant…

In the fast-paced, evolving world of social media, there is one strategy that will always prevail and it’s being social, be sure to make that the forefront of your twitter marketing strategy.

Reactions, sharing, watching, listening, thinking, feeling…if we could gauge these metrics, they would be the only ones we would ever need. Social media has the power to influence all of these things but it all has to start with you.

When do you notice the most retweets or @mentions from your Twitter posts? Do you notice any particular trends in successful posts versus unsuccessful ones? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Awesome post Melonie,

    If I had anything to add it would be to switch up timing. This doesn’t apply so much if you use a tool to schedule tweets.

    I tweet on a few accounts and do schedule on the more “corporate” ones, but I never schedule on my personal account. I find that being there to respond when someone replies or RT’s is huge. I have some good friends IRL that I have made, just by being there. Some great business has come out of it as well.

    Back to the timing, I find that if I am on Twitter around the same time everyday, it is like going to the same coffee shop at the same time every day…. very comfortable and nice, but not really too interesting.

    If you go back to the same coffee shop 12 hours later, it is a totally different place. You meet new people, run into people you haven’t seen for a while.

    Like so many others, I am not just involved in Social Media to hang out with great people. I am in print sales, my job is closing sales. I believe that there is some strategy in mixing it up as well. People get used to seeing your stuff and start tuning you out a little. You can appear as “newer” in a different time slot.

    My #1 sale on SM came from a connection made at 10:30 at night while I was messing around on Twitter and doing some PC maintenance. Instant connection, first sale next day and they are now a consistent 5 figure customer.

    Great connecting with you!

    1. Great point Lorne, thanks for sharing!

  2. Fred Murray says:

    Your CommentsI don’t tweet as much as I might. Therefore your post helps me a lot. I am not sure how much I will be on Twitter, but if I start using it more< I will follow your advise.

  3. Michelle says:

    GREAT article, Melonie! I’ve never really understood twitter. Thanks to this valuable information, I’ll now better interact with my twitter friends by asking more questions and mentioning others. Your article helps me make more sense of social media. Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you found the article helpful Michelle! Interacting and engaging is the key on Twitter! Happy tweeting.

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