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4 LinkedIn Marketing Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss!

With more than 100 million members, LinkedIn has become the largest professional networking site in the world.  It’s users have a median income of $109,000.  They are the CEOs, entrepreneurs and decision makers behind the businesses you’ll find on other networking sites.  Although Twitter and Facebook typically get more attention, networking strategically, purposefully and thoroughly on LinkedIn can be an excellent way to fast track your results with social media.   If you haven’t started using this powerhouse of a networking site then you haven’t touched the surface of the high quality relationships you could be forming.  Are you ready to kick your social media marketing efforts into high gear and incorporate more powerful and meaningful strategies?  Then marketing on LinkedIn is a must!   And here are the four LinkedIn marketing tips you absolutely can’t afford to miss!

1.    Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

This is not the time to copy and paste from your resume and be sure to always write in first person, no one wants to read a boring old bio.   Be engaging, compelling and focus on the benefits of working with you.  Stress the types of results you’ve produced for your clients.  Don’t just say you build websites.  Give people a reason to WANT to connect to you!  Your LinkedIn profile is among the first items to show up when someone searches for your name online.  Make sure it’s complete and open it to the public.  You can make it public by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of LinkedIn.  Choose “Profile” and click on “Edit your public profile”.  Use the box on the right to choose which parts of your LinkedIn profile you want to show up in the search engines.

2.    Use LinkedIn Applications to Showcase Your Work

Don’t just tell people how great you are, show them!  LinkedIn now offers a variety of applications that allow you to show examples of your work, presentations and even your blog right on your profile page.  Go to the menu bar on LinkedIn and choose “More”.  From the dropdown choose, “Get More Applications”.  Take a look around and try a few.  Now you not only have a compelling profile, you’re also able to show specific examples of projects and share great content with potential new clients inside the LinkedIn network.

3.    Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for the Search Engines

There are many ways you can use keywords to optimize your profile so you rank high in search results. Your LinkedIn profile offers three places for your own website links.  You can easily edit the links as well as the anchor text by clicking the “Edit” button next to either of the links on your profile.  Then, instead of allowing the links to say “My website” or “My Blog”, fill in the name of your site.  When possible include the keywords for which you may be trying to rank highly.  Don’t let the anchor text say “My Blog” when it could say “Real Estate Insights in Denver”.  How much more powerful is that!

4.    Use LinkedIn for Research

Nothing impresses a prospect more than to know you’ve done your homework.  Use the search function on LinkedIn to research a prospect and their company.  Gain insights into a prospect’s business by doing a quick search on LinkedIn.   You may also get a peak at their connections to see if you have any mutual connections who would recommend you.  Imagine walking into your first meeting with a potential client already having an understanding of their place in the market and a recommendation from one of their trusted contacts. The sale is yours!

If you never considered networking on LinkedIn before, then now is the time!  Build your portfolio, showcase your work and do your research.  Use this goldmine of information in order to go straight to the influencers and showcase yourself in the best possible light.  Be consistent in your efforts and it won’t take long before your pipeline is full and your business will be well on its way to phenomenal growth!

Share any methods you’ve successfully used with LinkedIn marketing in the comments below.


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  2. Lauren McMullen says:

    Your Comments – Thanks for the great tips Melonie. I especially love the one about using you keywords for your website or blog title!

  3. Judy Reiman says:

    Thanks so much Melanie! I’m going to post the 4 Tips link on the Kitsilano Chamber Meetup site.

    1. Thanks Judy, I’m glad you liked it! I love Kitsilano!!

  4. Ravi Shukle says:

    Great tips Melonie, think articles like this are very useful as Linkedin is often a social network overlooked by both businesses and consumers, especially in this current climate consumers can benefit from getting their profiles seen for networking and finding jobs 🙂

    1. So true Ravi! Thanks for your comment.

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