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4 Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Skeptics who refuse to see embark on the benefits of social media as a business marketing strategy should think again. It is proven that campaigns through social media opens up various opportunities for marketing success. In this blog post I’m going to share with you the results from four different social media marketing campaigns. These are the straightforward facts.

Let’s take inspiration from these four social media campaigns that turned their business/cause from ‘zero to hero’ through social marketing.

Social Media Campaign #1

Client:   Old Spice
Social media marketing agency:   Wieden + Kennedy
Social media marketing campaign:   “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”
Results:   The campaign garnered 60% increase in Facebook fans. That’s 500,000 – 800,000 fans in just one month. It also generated 2,700% Twitter followers and 150,000 YouTube subscribers, which is double the original subscription rate.

Social Media Campaign #2

Client:   Katy Perry Purr
Social media marketing agency:   TGL Ltd., Toronto
Social media marketing campaign:   Campaign was basically a contest on Facebook that offered a trip to a Katy Perry concert with a chance for a meet-and-greet. The contest lasted 5 weeks from March 25 to June 1.
Results:   Likes shoot up 400% and overall number of entries is 10, 000.

Social Media Campaign #3

Client:   EA Games Bulletstorm
Social media marketing agency:   Digital Influence Group
Social media marketing campaign:   To popularize an upcoming EA game, the company created an app that ran for 30 days in Facebook. The campaign also offered a chance to win tickets to a Snoop Dog concert.
Results:   Facebook likes on a single bulletstorm post reached 18,500. There were 69,500 total views of bulletstorm content and videos, and 108,000 strong votes cast.

Social Media Campaign #4

Client:   Free The Children
Social media marketing agency:   Momentus Media
Social media marketing campaign:   For every 1 like, there is a corresponding $1 donation for the Canadian charity organization Free The Children. The Ad Agency created a Facebook page for “We Day: 1 like = $1”.
Results:   The page had staggering 500,000 likes in just four months. Now, 1 out of 8 Canadians age 13-25 are fans of Free The Children. The most notable result is that the campaign raised a total of $500,000.

Watch for tomorrow’s post where I share some hard facts on social media marketing.

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