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4 Ways to Create Awesome Facebook Business Pages

This infographic is by Moontoast and shows how a Facebook fan’s level of interest can increase.

Are you looking for ways to increase your business? Have you wondered if Facebook could be a good way to attract more customers? Using Facebook business pages to your advantage can be a great way to achieve that.  This article reveals four fantastic ways that businesses of all sizes are able to utilize Facebook business pages to attract more clients and increase visibility.

If you’ve never used social media to promote your business before it is understandable that you may be unsure whether it will work. With more than 70% of small businesses now using Facebook business pages, the time to get started is now.

4 important things to consider with Facebook business pages

1. Have a Strategy

Large businesses use Facebook business pages strategically with an overall goal and plan in mind.  They approach their use of Facebook with very specific goals. You should too.

Many small businesses creates Facebook business pages because it is socially the “norm.”  Perhaps they came across some information from an expert that said Facebook business pages are a necessity for all growing businesses.  Here they create a Facebook page without any goals in mind.

Small businesses, just like larger ones, should create Facebook business pages with the goal of creating a professional and engaging presence in mind. Is your goal to boost sales or simply to create more visibility and brand awareness?  It doesn’t matter what your goal is, as long as you have one, because then your strategy can be developed around your businesses particular goals for your Facebook business pages.

Coca-Cola does a great job generating social activities on their Facebook Page

2. Creating Engagement

When consumers are utilizing Facebook, they are searching for both attention and interaction from the companies they are “fans” of.  This is where many large businesses are winning the race.  They are very creative with Facebook offering things like contests or a sweepstake, but there are many things that smaller businesses can do also to create engagement.

Facebook business pages allow you to connect with your audience in a variety of ways.  You can do this simply from engaging in conversations with your fans. Or if you’re looking to create a substantial amount of engagement there are few things businesses may want to consider incorporating into their Facebook business pages:

1. Contests

2. Sweepstakes

3. Virtual Prizes

This helps generate social activities allowing for more engaging content on the Facebook business pages.

3. Patience and Promotions

All good things take time, and Facebook business pages are no different.  Unlike big corporations, the smaller guy has the advantage here!  Larger corporations are all about numbers, and both the planning and marketing aspects generally rule their decisions.

Small businesses do not have wait extensive periods of time analyze all of the reactions from their fans.  If, for instance, the business is a restaurant, the owner can simply go to their fan page and post small promotions and incentives for people to come in right away.  These types of promotions however, should only be offered occasionally. You can have a coupon on your landing page that they can redeem simply for liking your page.

4. Word of Mouth is King

Facebook business pages are all about your fans whether you are a small or big business.  While bigger businesses have teams of individuals who do nothing but interact with their fans, smaller businesses need a helping hand at times.

Smaller businesses need to take the time and make themselves available on the internet.  Online word of mouth is the new king.  Creating ongoing conversations will create excitement within your Facebook community for new potential customers to visit your business based on the interaction they see between you and your Facebook fans.

With the popularity of social media it is no wonder Facebook business pages are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

If you’ve been using Facebook business pages I’d love to hear about your success and/or challenges with it in the comments below.

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