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5 Powerhouse Tips Your LinkedIn Strategy Is Probably Missing

Is your LinkedIn strategy working as well as it could?  Are you happy with the results you’ve achieved on this social networking platform?  If your response is anything less than glowing, then its time for a change in strategy.  This article will reveal 5 simple yet powerful tips that are often overlooked as part of an effective LinkedIn strategy.

If you’re already networking on LinkedIn then you know how important a good profile is.  You may have heard the value of joining groups and participating in discussions as well.  What you may not know is that there are little extra bonuses hidden all over LinkedIn that will jumpstart your visibility and allow you to stand out from the competition.

5 hidden bonuses that often go overlooked as part of a quality LinkedIn strategy

1. SEO Your Profile

A good profile is more than just adding a photo and talking about yourself.  Make sure you’ve included your top keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile and professional headline.  Edit the dynamic URL of your public profile so that instead of having a string of numbers it will show your name and/or keywords.  In addition, LinkedIn offers you three places to include website links.  Instead of allowing them to default to “My Website” or “My Blog”, click the edit button next to each one and change it to keywords that are not only search engine friendly but will also allow your target market easily see what you’re all about.

2. Add Video to Your Company Page

Company pages now allow you to add video to your products and services page.  This is an incredible way to share more information about your company.  A study done by Forbes found that more than 75% of C-Suite Executives watch a work-related online video on a business related website at least weekly.  65% of C-suite Executives report visiting a vendor’s website after watching their online video.  If you aren’t taking full advantage of this particular strategy on LinkedIn you are truly missing a huge opportunity!

3. Gain Visibility With LinkedIn Events

Installing the LinkedIn Events Application allows you to promote your own event out to your LinkedIn connections and gain visibility through the naturally occurring promotions LinkedIn offers.  Go to the Events application in the Applications Directory and add Events to your profile.  From here you’ll be able to create an event of your own.  LinkedIn automatically promotes the event to your network.   In addition, LinkedIn recommends events to users based on keywords in their profiles.  You’ll receive even more visibility each time someone RSVPs.  Their entire network will have the opportunity to see they are attending!

LinkedIn ads can be highly targeted to your ideal client

4. Promote with Direct Ad Campaigns

Most business owners have at least heard of Facebook ads but few LinkedIn strategies include the strategic use of Linkedin ads.  These ads are a very powerful tool!  They allow you to target users by company, industry, geography, job, function, seniority, gender and age.  These ads are an effective method of getting your brand in front of your target audience on a reliable and professionally driven platform.

5. Network With Tripit

Tripit is a great application you can add to your LinkedIn profile that allows you to see where the most valuable members of your network are traveling and when you will be in the same city.  Go to Tripit and choose Add application.  You’ll now easily be able to see where everyone is and announce your own location and upcoming trips as well.  You can use this valuable information to meet up with your connections at the next industry event or expo and never miss another opportunity to meet a trusted contact face to face.

Nielsen studies show that LinkedIn users are 2x more confident in the information found on LinkedIn than any other social site.  What a great reason to take full advantage of this platform!

Still have questions? 

Leave us a comment, share your favorite LinkedIn tip or ask a question about your LinkedIn strategy!


  1. Melonie,

    Personally, I think you’ve highlighted the main points to improve. I know I’ll be changing my profile. Thanks for the great advice.


    1. Thanks for your comment Dave! I’m glad you were able to pull some good points from the article that you can implement right away.

  2. Lauren McMullen says:

    Great post Melonie! Thanks for the update about adding a video to my company page. I also did not know about Tripit. I am off to add it to my profile.

    1. Hi Lauren, I love Tripit, it’s such a fun app. It’s very cool to see where your connections are traveling to.

  3. Kathi Rabil says:

    Great tips, Melonie. I especially like the one about the videos. I didn’t know LinkedIn now had that feature!

    The event app is another great idea!

    1. HI Kathi, I know the video feature on the company page is awesome. I have one on mu personal profile, I still have to create one specific for my company page on LinkedIn.

  4. Stephanie Gabriel says:

    Melonie – I found these Tips extremely helpful to assist people/businesses reach the next level of utilizing this important networking site. LinkedIn is such a powerful tool and I definitely will be capitalizing on your recommendations — thx!

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comment. LinkedIn is an amazingly powerful social network, especially when you know how to use it optimally. I get many leads each week from LinkedIn. Glad you liked the tips!

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