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5 Social Media Tricks & Tips That Work

Social Media TricksAre you tired of spinning your wheels with social marketing trying to get to the top of the heap in your business niche? You need some social media tricks that really work. Here are 5 sure-fire ways to get you leads, referred business and great exposure using social media marketing.

5 Social Media Tricks & Tips That Work

  1. Use to Create a Great Press Release. It’s the latest take on creating a media release that brings you interested people. You can hot-link to your own website or the special page you create for an event, even if it is just a kick-off or grand opening for your business or its services. Send your press release to every website and local paper you can think of. If they are short on content then you will get free advertising. Newspapers aren’t quite obsolete, and many of them are changing to a web-presence instead. You can still get some free press if you write a press release with enough flair and creativity to get the editor’s attention.
  1. Mentor Someone. This is an often-overlooked social media tactic. By showing someone else the ropes, you will often leave that person with an infectious vibrance that will come through when discussing your services with their friends, family and co-workers. The real business comes when the people that are close to those you mentor begin to see the transformation. They can testify as an outsider that what you do truly helps people so begin nurturing those relationships and extend yourself to others!

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  1. Comment on Negative Blog Postings Instead of Erasing Them. By commenting on someone’s negative comments you have a chance to set the record straight. Take these opportunities to show people that you’re a real person too. You can often easily win someone over who wasn’t already a client or customer by gracefully correcting a negative comment or using a sense of humor to show that you can take yourself less seriously than the competition. Turn those lemons into lemonade.
  1. Simply Having Good Content Doesn’t Do the Trick… but Optimized Content Does! What is optimized content? It takes a little extra work, but find out what keywords are driving people to your site and write with those words in mind. Don’t let your content suffer at the expense of increased search engine optimization. If your content stinks then it doesn’t matter if it gets to the top of Google’s search engine…the reader isn’t sticking around long enough to care! Whatever short-term results you gain from overloading keywords into your blogs will be squashed by downsides in the long run. Google will penalize you in the search results if readers are exiting your page quickly because it knows your content is not keeping them engaged.

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  1. Forget about Algorithms. Don’t try to write for search engines. Write for your intended audience and the search engines will come anyway. Google and Yahoo will always change their algorithms, but great content that gives quality information will always win out regurgitated fluff. Write the best posts you possibly can and let your customers help you decide what to write about next.

There are many ineffective social media tricks that people use that are a complete waste of time. Which social media tricks have you found most effective, share in the comments below.



  1. Allen Voivod says:

    Great post, Melonie. You’re the second person in as many weeks to flag PitchEngine, so I’m definitely going to check them out now. And you hit the nail on the head – for online and for more local markets, print newspapers still carry some traction. We’ve found that to be the case here in New Hampshire, for sure!

    1. Thanks for your comment Allen!

  2. Stephanie Gabriel says:

    Excellent information Melonie! New tips to enhance what I’m advising clients to do and I appreciate how you explain the value. One of the parts that stood out to me was your emphasis on having your customer base help shape your content as this will have the most weight — great!

  3. Your last point #5 is really important. Write for people not for the search engines. And give it a little character. Make someone smile while they read your article.

  4. All of these are great tips, but my favorite is #2. A very, very kind person took me under their wing when I was new to Twitter and it made a huge impression to me. Even simply supporting someone new with Rt’s and comments makes a world of difference when you are just starting out and wondering if anyone does, in fact, know you exist in the cyber-worlds. – Nan

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