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6 Important Steps to Create a Facebook Page

Red Bulls Facebook Page With the sea of constant changes, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and find your voice with your Facebook page. For every success story on Facebook there are 100 frustrated entrepreneurs struggling to make a dent. In light of this, we’ve brought together 6 steps to ensure you’ve got the best head start possible when creating your Facebook page.

1. Create A Custom Landing Page

A custom-landing page is your first impression on a new Facebook fan, so make it count! Brands like Red Bull have attracted over 23 million fans with an effective call-to-action the moment you get to their page. They hint at you to like their Facebook page with specific instructions and many arrows plus a blurry, translucent background hiding secret goodies waiting to be revealed.

Collaborate with your graphic designer to come up with something professional that is visually appealing and has a proper call-to-action. With Facebook’s recent changes, people don’t have to like your page to comment on your wall so make sure you are reminding them to “like” it.

Pro Tip: Add a welcome video to the landing page to increase likes and engagement.

2. The Perfect Profile Picture

Don’t underestimate the importance of your profile picture (also known as your Facebook sidebar) and make sure you have a high quality photo to start with. Your Facebook page can have a maximum profile picture size of 180px (Width) by 540px (Height) and you should take advantage of every pixel.
If the Facebook page in question is for a person, than a picture of said person should be displayed prominently. You can’t sacrifice quality on this because it will say the same for your business in the eye of the beholder. Display your company logo, email, website and some form of call to action. I also include our company’s purpose on the Top Dog Social Media Facebook sidebar so people know who we are and what we do when they come to our Facebook page.

3. The Key Is Content!

Most importantly, you need to share great content. Become a source of shareable, interesting information that makes people want to engage in your conversations (more on that later). You don’t need to exclusively post content relevant to your industry, as long as you post content that would be of interest to your audience it is fine to mix it up (viral videos, funny pictures, etc.).

4. Engage, Engage, Engage!

This is probably the most repeated word among social media consultants and for good reason. Focus on two-way conversation with your network and make that the name of the game! Ask people thoughtful questions and ask them to respond. You’ll be amazed at how many more people respond when specifically asked to. Think of your Facebook page as a community hub for your particular topic or industry.

5. Take Advantage of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a fantastic tool for measuring the activity of your pages but sometimes we all get confused on what stats are important.
User demographics, media consumption and tab views are all good for learning more about who your audience is and what they like. Explore the other metrics that Facebook has to offer and start keeping track so you can begin to create realistic goals for improvement.

6. Be Real and Don’t Over-Promote

If you’ve followed all the steps I’ve covered here, you have put your best foot forward towards a professional, attractive online brand. It’s now up to you to make sure it runs according to plan.  So the final two points I want you to remember are to be real and to avoid excessive self-promotion. Give your network a piece of your personality so they can experience the extension of your brand that your Facebook page can provide!

There are many more things I could add to this list but these are probably the 6 most important ones in my opinion. What else would you add to this list for a more successful Facebook page? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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