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About Antonio Calero

Antonio Calero is a Social Media Strategist and Coach specialized in User Behaviour Management. He helps businesses better understand their unique audiences to create effective social media content and campaigns.

4 Ways to Benefit From Facebook Video Ads Audiences

Have you ever run an advertising campaign on Facebook where the results were not as good as expected? Would you like to know how to target your ads based on the level of interest that different users might have towards your brand? Successful advertising campaigns require spending some time adjusting different targeting elements, so ads are shown only to those users most likely to be interested in the advertising brand. Unfortunately this is not an easy task, and many times what looks like an optimum audience doesn’t react as expected to the ads they see. Users have their own behaviors that dictate the way they respond to content; so even if they could be interested in your brand or products, they could still skip your ads for different reasons. Being able to target users based on their level of engagement would be really a powerful strategy, as you could adapt the message and design of your ad to better suit the expected behavior of your target audience. This can be done with the help of Facebook video ads and more specifically using two of its main features: Creation of two audiences of users who engaged with your video A Call-to-Action […]

7 Common Status Update Fails By Facebook Pages

Many companies jump into Facebook without a clear social media strategy, focusing on ‘fluffy’ goals like getting more followers than their competitors. Most of the time they just replicate what other Facebook pages are doing, without understanding the reasons behind those activities or the desired outcome. This is very dangerous, as some of these seemingly harmless actions can result in the opposite of what was originally expected, and when this happens there is a tendency to blame Facebook. The following is a list of publishing activities where many Facebook pages still go wrong, sometimes combining two or more mistakes and thus multiplying the negative consequences. 1. Post Links As Part of Text Status Updates Text updates were the ugly duckling of Facebook: nobody liked them because of their lack of visual content…until someone realized they were getting more Reach than other types of status updates. Hoping to beat EdgeRank and boost their Reach, some pages started to post almost everything as text updates, including links. See the following example: This is a big error: firstly, the fact that text updates were getting more Reach in the past didn’t mean they were getting more engagement and clicks on those links. Further […]

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