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89 Brilliant Social Media Quotes & Insights From #SMMW14

89brilliant social media quotes

If you were in San Diego last month for Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World, you already know how incredible it was. The heaviest hitters in the social media industry were all present, sharing heaps of undiluted marketing genius as attendees soaked it in like a sponge. The keynote speakers were electrifying and we combed through over 50,000 tweets to find the absolute best quotes from as many of them as possible. You’ll be amazed at the sheer volume of insights and quotes that come from social media giants like Mari Smith, Jay Baer, Ted Rubin, Amy Porterfield and Marcus Sheridan, aka The Sales Lion. Each quote can be quickly and easily sent directly to your Twitter feed! The Best Quotes From #SMMW14, Ready-To-Tweet “Everything ultimately comes down to trust.” – @thesaleslion Tweet This Quote!  “Where is the best place to hide a body? Page 2 of Google.” – @crestodina Tweet This Quote!  “When you say it – it’s marketing. When they say it – its social proof.” – @crestodina Tweet This Quote! “Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.” – @stevefarber Tweet This Quote! “Get rid of your testimonials page. You [...]

8 LinkedIn Features That Strengthen Your Online Presence

8linkedin features

If you are like many people, you may have been making plans and goals for your business this year. One of those goals may have been to make better use of LinkedIn’s ability to network or generate new leads and sales. If you are a more advanced LinkedIn user, perhaps you want to finally figure out how to put all of LinkedIn’s many changes during 2013 to good use. Whether you are a new or advanced LinkedIn user, you are sure to find a number of their recent changes to be beneficial to your plan for LinkedIn in 2014. The changes to LinkedIn over the past year ranged from cosmetic changes to the addition of new features and functionality. The year saw a complete redesign of LinkedIn’s look and global navigation to create a cleaner and more streamlined experience. To go along with this look, they updated and in some cases, completely modified several of their pages and features. Here is a summary of the best and most useful changes to LinkedIn this past year that will help you strengthen your presence and better leverage relationships on the network. 1. LinkedIn Contacts Page Probably the most noticeable and significant of [...]

4 Stages To Monetizing Social Media Marketing

4stages to monetizing social media

Are you struggling to monetize your social media efforts? Do you feel stumped when it comes to the “selling” part of social selling? I understand the frustration you feel when it seems like your social media strategy isn’t working. Fortunately, I’ve  identified that there is a pattern to both successful and failing strategies. To explain this more easily, I have compressed social media marketing and social selling into four actionable stages. Community management Social media & content marketing Becoming a subject matter expert Lead generation Many businesses are disappointed with their results on social media, mostly because they are only focusing on 1 or 2 of these stages. In order to see the results you want and need to see, you must complete all four stages. This means that you can’t do stage 4 without doing stages 1, 2 and 3 as well. While there may be a few exceptions to this rule, they are highly dependent on what you do, who you cater to and what your audience is most receptive to. Most business must actively work at all of the stages if they want to get to the sales part of social selling. 1. Community Management Community management [...]

Why Twitter Is LinkedIn’s Secret Weapon For Prospecting


If you are using Twitter for business and you’re already on LinkedIn, there is no reason you shouldn’t be using them to serve the goals you want to achieve on either network. Finding prospects on social media is a lot easier when you already know which people are the most socially active online. If we are talking about business people, those who are on Twitter are almost guaranteed to be on LinkedIn as well. Although that conclusion is based on experience and not real data, I’m very confident you are going to find similar results if your company is primarily B2B (business to business). There are a few reasons why Twitter can serve your LinkedIn goals. Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter allows you to: Connect with any Twitter user (except the few that have set their profiles to private) See beyond 2nd and 3rd level connections – you can see everyone on Twitter Interact with any Twitter user As you can see, Twitter offers a lot more flexibility than LinkedIn for meeting new potential prospects but how exactly can one serve the other? Let’s dig in. Use FollowerWonk To Find New Prospects In Your Target Market One of the best tools you [...]

10 Blogging Tips That Increase Shares & Engagement


Are you getting enough traction with you blogging efforts on social media? Do your readers spend several minutes on your blogs or are they disappearing in seconds? There are several blogging tips that can boost engagement with your readers but in the past couple years, there are a few that have proven to be very useful for us here at Top Dog Social Media. We were honored to be named one of the 10 Top Social Media Blogs of 2014 by Social Media Examiner and really had to reflect on the things that made us different this year. We realized several important lessons and incorporated them into the following blogging tips to help you better connect with your readers. Each tip aims to help you achieve one or more of these goals: Increase time spent on your blog Increase blog comments Encourage more shares across all major social networks 1. “How To” Blogs: Stop Telling Readers What To Do, Show Them How Focus more on providing “how to” tips and information that readers can immediately act upon. Being vague with your tips makes people think your content is fluffy and will result in them not returning to your blog. For [...]

Is Your Social Media Contest Breaking The Law?

social media contest

In this episode of The Social Scoop Podcast we discuss whether your social media contest is breaking the law in our interview with Steve Szentesi, a Canadian lawyer with a list of specialties that includes advertising and marketing laws. He runs a popular blog, Canadian Advertising & Marketing Law, in addition to another website solely dedicated to competition and regulatory law.  Although Steve is a Canadian lawyer, the topics covered here will be beneficial to you no matter where you are. We cover a few common mistakes that businesses make online and provide a few comprehensive tips to ensure your next social media contest is legal. Here are some of the topics we discussed on the show: The 5 most common illegal contest mistakes by businesses running contests online and over social media Apple’s sneaky legal restrictions on giving away iPads & iPhones that nobody knows about (and could get you in trouble) One mistake that cost a business $170,000 in fines Two major components to ensuring your social media contest is legal The basic rules you legally need to include in ANY contest The legalities surrounding the use of third party materials Real-world examples of companies that have experienced [...]

12 Social Media Shortcuts That Do More Harm Than Good

social media shortcuts

Everybody likes a good shortcut but not all social media shortcuts are created equal. Social media automation tools have been getting a bad reputation over the years for taking the “social” out of social media and there are certain practices that are doing you more harm than you may realize. I have to thank a few people for helping me come up with some of the ideas for this blog post from a discussion in our group on Facebook, Social Media Marketing Strategies. A special thank you goes out to Ravi Shukle, Liz Azyan and Joaquin Hernandez! I’m always amazed and grateful for the engaging discussions we have in the group and I highly recommend that anyone reading this blog join us. Here’s my list of 12 social media shortcuts that cause more harm than good. Be sure to comment at the bottom with any additional suggestions you have. 1. Pre-Scheduling Posts For Real-Time Events This can so easily backfire that it’s just a better idea to simply avoid it all together. If you want to engage with a live event, don’t do it by scheduling your tweets. You’ll run the risk of being severely out of context if something [...]

7 Social Media Monitoring Tips To Help Your Business Spy Like The NSA

7 ways your business can spy blog

With scandals like the NSA’s mass surveillance program, aka PRISM, privacy has become an ongoing conversation in the media. Even though we can’t (and shouldn’t) access questionably ethical tools like PRISM, there is an incredible depth of information that can be attained through social media monitoring that can bring you closer to your target market. I must admit, social media monitoring is usually a pretty boring topic but there are a few tricks that are so exceptional, I rarely ever talk about them…because I want to keep them for myself! 7 Ways To Use Social Media Monitoring Like A Pro Feel free to share this infographic anywhere you like without modifying it. If sharing on your blog, please link back to Why Should You Care About Social Media Monitoring? Social media monitoring done right can help your business: Improve customer service Get unbiased intel about how people really feel about you and your business Address negativity that would otherwise damage your brand Know when people are saying great things about your business Research competitors Stay on top of industry trends 1. Find Exactly Who Is Sharing Content From Your Website Simply type your website domain into Twitter search to [...]

19 Steps To Social Selling On LinkedIn

steps to social selling on linkedin

When you think of social selling, I wouldn’t be surprised if every spammy message that ever made you hit the “Report Spam” button came to mind. The truth is, when done right, social selling can produce an ROI unlike any other social media marketing tactic. LinkedIn has been proven to be 277% more effective for lead generation so this article is going to focus on social selling with LinkedIn. When I’m training a sales team or a professional organization on advanced social selling techniques, here are the six major components I ensure they master: Laying the foundation for your success with a professional and well calculated online presence Creating value & positioning yourself as a authority on your topic through quality content Growing your online network with targeted prospects Engaging with prospects to create a dialogue Building the relationship over time by continuing to provide value while displaying thought leadership Moving the conversation offline 19 Steps To Social Selling [INFOGRAPHIC] Don’t forget to scroll down for the in-depth text version of this infographic! Feel free to share this graphic anywhere you like. All we ask is to link back to this article if you use it on your blog. Laying [...]

How To Master Content Marketing: Interview With Mike Stelzner

content marketing with mike stelzner interview

This episode of The Social Scoop Podcast features an interview with Mike Stelzner, the mastermind behind every social media marketer’s favorite website for high quality tutorial-based content, Social Media Examiner. If you ask him directly, Mike Stelzner is very modest and confesses he is no expert, despite being somewhat of a rock star in the social media world. In addition to running Social Media Examiner, Mike is also the author of Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition. It’s an honor to have Mike on the show to discuss something that seems to be popping up as a buzz word in the mainstream more often lately: content marketing. Here are some of the topics we discussed on the show A content marketing strategy that will get you inside the minds of your audience and figure out the exact type of content they will respond to A simple but powerful formula that Mike used to turn Social Media Examiner into the world’s most popular social media marketing blog Why making content for Google isn’t going to work anymore The one thing that empowers you beyond Google & Facebook’s mercy The seemingly counter-intuitive content strategy that’s responsible for Social [...]