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7 LinkedIn Messages You Should Never Send

Do you get LinkedIn messages in your inbox that you consider spam? Maybe you’re wondering what you should or shouldn’t do (or send) on LinkedIn? Many people are confused as to what to do, what not to do, who to connect with and what to send to new connections on LinkedIn. One of my most popular blog posts was one on LinkedIn etiquette. This leads me to believe that people really do want to know the right away of doing things on LinkedIn. However, every day I’m surprised by the number of message I receive from my connections or fellow LinkedIn members, which break some of LinkedIn’s most important rules of etiquette. These messages, will often hinder rather than improve your ability to achieve your goals on LinkedIn whether it is to connect with like minded professionals, find a new job or generate new leads for your business. Maybe you have seen these message in your own LinkedIn inbox or perhaps, you have sent one or more of these yourself without knowing better. Here are seven messages that you should never send on LinkedIn and why. 1. The Default Connection Request It is rare that I accept these. I usually […]

LinkedIn Completely Changes Message Center

Have you noticed that LinkedIn completely changed their message center this week? This is a rather drastic change to LinkedIn’s Message Center. These new changes will affect not only how you use it now but also how you interact with others on LinkedIn. If you are familiar with Facebook Messenger, you will notice a lot of similarities. First you will notice on the left side that there is a list of all the people who you have messaged or have messaged you. Rather than individual conversations you will see your connections. Click on a connection and a thread with all of your previous conversations (that have not been deleted) will show up in the thread. Any previously archived conversations will also be added to the thread. The people are listed in order of which you have had the most recent conversations with. While it can be handy to see all of your previous communication with a particular individual, it can make communications look less formal/more casual which may or may not be a good thing depending on the individual or situation. What…LinkedIn has added emoticons Especially given that LinkedIn has added emoticons and animated gifs. Personally I don’t think this […]

Social Media Sharing – When Is It Too Much Or Too Little?

Each Monday, Lisa Larter and I host a live show on [The Melonie & Lisa Show] where business and social media intersect. We, along with a special guest share tips, strategies and updates about social media, online marketing and other relevant topics relating to business. Subscribe to see our show live and get your questions answered. Click here to join us on Not sure what is or how it works? Read this article. Blab Episode: Social Media Sharing – When Is It Too Little Or Too Much 1. How many times a day should you post on your personal and business Facebook page? One to three times a day, depending on the engagement you are getting. You can post several times a day if you are getting good engagement. The quality of your content is key (you must provide great value). Quantity is not as important as quality. It is different for each person or business so you need to test what works for you. When sharing content, quality rather than quantity is key! You must always provide great value. Click To Tweet 2. How do you decide decide when to share personal information? You must find […]

How To Successfully Host & Promote A Blab []

Having a hard time jumping from participant to host on Are you worried that no one will show up if you host your own Blab? I have complied a comprehensive step-by-step process to help you host and promote your own Blab. This process will not only help bring in more participants to your Blab but it will also help you to be more confident while hosting. What’s the secret you ask? Co-hosts! It is a great idea to have at least one co-host when you host a Blab, especially your first one (although I recommend having a co-host most, if not all the time). Co-hosts play many roles. They can: Make you feel less nervous and more comfortable, making for a better Blab Make it feel more like a conversation and less like a presentation Can cover if you have any technical issues (if you fall out or have to refresh your browser, the Blab can and will continue if you have co-hosts running the show until you pop back in) Watch the comment section and bring up questions or comments that participants have submitted Provide a different perspective on the issue you are talking about Enlarge your subscribers […] Etiquette (A Guide For Hosts & Participants)

Have you signed up to yet? Are you afraid to really participate because you don’t know what is expected of you or just what the etiquette or participation best practices might be? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It can be hard to know how not to make those unintentional etiquette mistakes when you don’t know what the rules are. And with a platform as new as this, everyone in the community is tentatively testing it out and figuring it out as they go. Having spent as much time as I have on all of the different social media platforms and on this platform in particular the last while, I have created a list of the written and unwritten rules that I have encountered while using Like etiquette on most platforms, these are mainly common sense, but there are also some that are specific to this very unique platform. I would advice you to familiarize yourself with these before getting really active on I have made them into an easy to read cheat sheet that you can use as a quick reference guide, followed with participation strategies that you can use to get noticed and build your following […]

How To Use (Live Video Streaming For Business)

Are you wondering what in the world is Blab? Have you found that social media often lacks the intimate engagement that you want from one-on-one or real time interaction with your customers and target market? What if I told you that Blab (a brand new live streaming platform) will allow you to connect with your target market in a deeper and more meaningful way. Would you be interested in trying it? The new live streaming video platform, may be just the platform for you. is different from other live streaming video software such as Meerkat and Periscope as it allows you to have up to four people streaming at one time. A good analogy to help you understand the difference is to think of live video streaming software such as Meerkat and Periscope like a presentation and is more like a conversation. Now you might think, well Google Hangouts does that. While Hangouts does allow multiple people to video stream at once, it lacks the ease of use, flexibility and engagement functionality that has. You do not have to have any technical background or knowledge to use beyond having a Twitter account and a mobile […]

5 Profitable Social Media Activities For Your Business (And When & What To Outsource)

Social media has been mainstream for many years now, but are you still struggling to figure out what you should be doing? Have you been spending time on social media but finding that the time spent isn’t generating enough results? Turning social media conversations into ROI takes careful planning and execution. It’s far too easy to invest your energies into time-consuming activities that yield negligible to no results. So how do you make sure that you’re working in the most efficient and effective way possible? How do you make sure that you’re converting your social media activities into solid business benefits that boost your bottom line? The key is to cut through the fluff and focus in on the indispensable actions that really work. The ones that you can actually pinpoint as fueling your business objectives and raising your profits. Here’s Our Guide to the 5 Social Media Activities That Actually Get Results. 1. Your Strategy Must Match Your Objectives One of the main reasons social media activities flounder is that they don’t have an end goal. To get the best results, you need to have a plan. First of all, you need to identify your ideal clients. Get really […]

Top 3 Social Selling Myths (and what actually works)

Selling has always been social. Long before the days of Facebook or Twitter, people looked to their peers for recommendations, and to trusted reviewers and industry experts for advice on what course they should take. But these days, instead of actively seeking out information, we get so many different messages from so many different directions that our ideas about a brand seem to form without us even realizing it. In fact, research suggests that 90% of all our buying decisions are made subconsciously. This means that your potential clients are out there on the internet right now, forming their opinion of your brand (and your competitors’ brands) – and they might not even know what it was that shaped their opinion along the way. Want to get your message out there and start shaping these perceptions yourself? Then you’ll have to get in on the action. Did you know that the average American adult now spends 15.5 hours exposed to media messages every day? And, now that we spend so much of our time engaged in the digital-social space of our phones and social networks, the sheer scale of this influencing stimuli has exploded. This means that we’re getting most […]

9 Ways To Convert Social Media Fans/Followers To Real Leads

Are you using social media for business but struggling to convert leads to customers? Many business owners are trying to convert fans to customers without adding any value or building trust first. This results in an overly sales-focused approach that turns off prospects before you’ve had a chance to create a meaningful relationship. Here’s a few ways I’ve been successful with driving more leads on social media for myself and my clients. 1. Use High Quality Blog Posts To Drive Traffic The first step in any social media strategy should be to divert traffic from social networks to your website. It’s great to have lots of engagement on Facebook but are you converting that back to traffic to your website? The best social media strategies use social networks to funnel leads into their pipeline. For example, using high quality blog posts to drive traffic back to their site and then making a compelling offer to join their email list. If you aren’t consistently putting out great content on your site, there is no reason for prospects to keep visiting and, more importantly, give you their email address. 2. Have a Clear Path To Subscribing Social media expert Donna Moritz recommends […]

New Survey Shows How Marketers Are Using Social Media

Every year, Social Media Examiner releases their Social Media Industry Report after surveying thousands of marketers to better understand what factors are affecting and driving their strategies most. Some of the factors they look at include: The top questions pros want answered on social media Average time commitment needed to see results The overall benefits of social media based on experience Most used social media platforms (and the ones driving the most results) It’s an amazing way to get an idea of where marketers are allocating their resources, whether that’s time, money or both. Some of the findings are fascinating while others will likely confirm your suspicions, give you confidence in your approach or make the areas you could be missing out on crystal clear. As with any social media statistics, it’s important to remember it’s based off a large group of people operating in their own unique businesses ranging across all industries. It’s not a replacement for leveraging your own data to find what works for your specific audience, nor is it meant to be. Take a look at some of the highlights below but make sure you also download the full 2015 Social Media Industry Report from Social […]