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A Social Media Strategy is Useless Without This…

Have you ever decided you need to do something to improve yourself, your life or your business? What did you do? Did you create a list of goals and make a strategy to help you achieve those goals? Did you succeed in achieving your goals? If you did, then it is quite likely that you had a plan to put your strategies into action and then followed through each day with that plan. The same is true if you’d like to experience social media success. Even if you have the most profitable social media plan in existence, it would not put a single dollar in to your pocket if you don’t put it into action – every day. “Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.” ~Stephen Covey Occasionally implementing your plan is about as effective as not implementing it at all. To get consistent results from your strategy, you need to take action consistently. That is why you need a Social Media Action Plan. An action plan provides you with the tools and the steps to carry out your social media strategy in an efficient and effective way. It will keep you […]

LinkedIn Currency: The ROI Of Your LinkedIn Network

Would you spend 15 minutes a day to add 35 more clients to your business a year? Let me ask you another question. If you don’t measure your results, how will you determine the ROI of your efforts? It’s simple. You can’t. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. ~Peter Drucker If you don’t know what’s working and what’s not, you could be wasting your time and money. This is true of the time, effort and money that you are investing in your network building efforts on LinkedIn. Or maybe you haven’t yet begun to invest in community building on LinkedIn and are wondering if it is worth the investment and what kind of results you could be getting from leveraging LinkedIn to its fullest. After reading Lori Carr’s success story and calculating your own potential ROI from LinkedIn you can judge that for yourself. LinkedIn Success Story: Lori Carr  “I’ve had 26 conversations with qualified leads, I have $1.45 million in my pipeline, I’ve had four in-person meetings and I’ve closed three deals with two more pending this month.” ~ Lori Carr Lori’s story is a great example of what can happen when you implement the 3 C’s […]

LinkedIn Currency: Commitment Is Critical To Success

What does commitment have to do with LinkedIn or social media? Do you just dabble or are you committed to using LinkedIn as a tool to help you grow your business? Think of any relationship you have. When you know the other person is all in, you are much more likely to reciprocate this feeling. But if the other person is more like “kinda in” how do you feel about that relationship? Would you put your all in, in if you know they are only kinda in? How much effort or importance would really put in to that relationship. Not much I suspect. The same is true of your relationships with your community. If they don’t feel like you are all in, is this going to help them know, like or trust you? Probably not. “The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”  ~Anthony Robbins So how do you show your community that you are all in? With Commitment. In my previous article LinkedIn Currency: The Collaboration Economy, I examined the concept of collaboration and why taking action is so vital to be able to provide real value to the members of your community, which strengthens your […]

LinkedIn Currency: The Collaboration Economy

It’s common knowledge that people buy from people they know, like and trust. In order to develop the know, like, trust factor it is necessary to build a relationship and to do that it is necessary to have offline conversations. But what is even more important than having a two-way conversation (versus just broadcasting on social media)? Action. So what does meaningful action look like when building an engaged community? Crucial to the success of any effort to create an engaged and interactive community is collaboration. As discussed in my previous article, LinkedIn Currency: Build an Engaged & Profitable Community, two-way conversation is a vital component to building an engaged community, but it is only one piece. Providing value to members of your community strengthens your network as a whole and creates a strong sense of community. While this is true for all communities, those that exist largely online (on social media platforms like LinkedIn) provide far less opportunities for person to person contact and so there is a larger trust gap and the value that it gives its members must be more tangible and easily measured. This is where collaboration becomes a powerful tool in the community building arsenal. […]

LinkedIn Currency: Build an Engaged & Profitable Community

Is it possible to have a strong or sizable network (and all the benefits that come from having one) without having a community? Absolutely NOT! Community, or the sense of community is absolutely vital to your efforts to build relationships and establish your authority on your topic. I covered this in LinkedIn Currency: Calculating The Value of Your Network, when I discussed what is common knowledge…people buy from those they know, like and trust. What better way to help people know, like and trust you than to create a community of engaged members. The members of your community will be most engaged when they know that their challenges and needs are important to you, like the sense of belonging that they feel as part of your community and finally feel that they can trust that their needs will be met by being a member of your community. While it would seem like these ideas should be very common sense and widely used, many businesses miss the mark by omitting the sense of community when building their network. Here are three key elements you must include when building a community that will be engaged and wants and needs what you have […]

LinkedIn Currency: Calculating The Value of Your Network

Do you understand what the true value of your network is, whether in terms of measurable or immeasurable results? Just a year ago, I can say that I didn’t. I really didn’t understand the true value or power of my network until the day I asked for help. After 46 years of fruitless searching, I was ready to give up on finding the father I had never met. It seemed hopeless. But a dear friend encouraged me to give it one more try. I decided to make a video asking for help and to then share it on Facebook. But the caveat was…I would have to share details of my life (things I haven’t [previously shared openly). I would have to make myself vulnerable by exposing some of my deepest secrets. While my fear and shame of not knowing my father was strong, the possibility of being able to find him and answer some of those fundamental questions of where I came from was even stronger. So with the encouragement of my friend and a little liquid courage (I needed a couple glasses of wine to do it), I made the video asking for help. I waited till the next […]

17 things I hate about Facebook (and a few things I love)

When you log in to Facebook are there some things or posts that make you cringe? Are there certain features or types of posts that you really dislike? I have to say that there are more than a few things that I hate about Facebook, which drive me crazy personally. These range from annoying features to poorly thought-out posts to terrible business tactics. While Facebook is certainly an awesome platform for many things, here is a list of things that I really dislike about Facebook, both from a user interface perspective as well as the way some people actually use the platform. Here Are The 17 Things I Hate About Facebook Facebook Features I Hate 1. The “Poke” Feature I think most of us can agree that this feature serves no useful purpose other than to annoy people and should be removed from Facebook. 2. Being Added to a Facebook Group Without My Permission Why should I have to waste my time unjoining groups that I had no desire to join in the first place? I have been added (without my permission) to many Facebook groups that have zero relevance to me but that someone thought I should be a […]

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Magnet [Video Tutorial]

Does your LinkedIn profile speak to your ideal clients or is it all about you? Do you come up in the search results when potential prospects are looking for what you offer? And does your profile speak to your ideal clients when they land on it? Simply having a LinkedIn profile is no longer enough. With over 400,000,000 LinkedIn members, there is a very good chance your prospective clients will never find you. That is unless you take some very proactive steps to ensure that you are: Easily found when they search for someone who does what you do and Have a compelling profile that makes them want to learn more about you If you can manage these two things and create a professional and search-optimized LinkedIn profile, you will be well on your way to turning your profile into a lead generation magnet. In fact, doing this is so vital that I recommend that you don’t start actively using LinkedIn as a lead generation or business building tool until you have done this. I am going to share with you the three most important areas of your LinkedIn profile and what you need to do to ensure they are […]

61 LinkedIn Tips For Business: From Beginner to Power User

  Have you wondered what type of results you can get using LinkedIn for business? Or maybe you are wondering if there’s enough of an ROI on your LinkedIn activities? It can seem like there is never enough time in the day to do all the things you want or need to do to grow your business. You may even struggle with finding the time to read articles like this one – even if that article could make you more efficient, more effective and ultimately generate more leads and sales. I have complied my best 61 LinkedIn tips for business, which includes great nuggets whether you are new to LinkedIn or a power user, in this easy to read and easy to share blog post (including a SlideShare presentation). Here are 61 LinkedIn Tips For Business View All 61 LinkedIn Tips For Business For Quick Reference I have added all 61 of these LinkedIn tips into a handy Slideshare presentation. LinkedIn Etiquette Tips Tip 1: LinkedIn is a business social network and people expect things to be professional at all times. LinkedIn is a business social network and people expect things to be professional at all times. Click To Tweet Tip […]