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Facebook Hack: Get Around The 20% Text Rule for Facebook Ads

Have you had your Facebook ads rejected because of the 20% text rule? Do you ever have issues with the Facebook 20% ad text rule when trying to market a blog post or product? Sometimes it’s hard to get the full title or text large enough to read without running into your ad being unapproved “Not Boosted” by Facebook. Well, I may have found a small solution / work around that may help some marketers until Facebook catches on. I’ll use examples from my Facebook page for CollegeOwlz, an online student marketplace where college kids can make money selling their notes and textbooks. All of these ads exceeded the 20% ad text limit, but due to this work around, I was able to run the ads for extended periods of time ranging from a few hours to days. Note however, that this workaround only works for users looking for immediate engagements with the post and not expecting the ad to run for a full week to month long period. As sometimes Facebook does catch it and moves the ad boost to “Not Boosted.” So let’s begin… What I have found is that upon posting your social message with an image, […]

61 LinkedIn Tips For Business: From Beginner to Power User

  Have you wondered what type of results you can get using LinkedIn for business? Or maybe you are wondering if there’s enough of an ROI on your LinkedIn activities? It can seem like there is never enough time in the day to do all the things you want or need to do to grow your business. You may even struggle with finding the time to read articles like this one – even if that article could make you more efficient, more effective and ultimately generate more leads and sales. I have complied my best 61 LinkedIn tips for business, which includes great nuggets whether you are new to LinkedIn or a power user, in this easy to read and easy to share blog post (including a SlideShare presentation). Here are 61 LinkedIn Tips For Business View All 61 LinkedIn Tips For Business For Quick Reference I have added all 61 of these LinkedIn tips into a handy Slideshare presentation. LinkedIn Etiquette Tips Tip 1: LinkedIn is a business social network and people expect things to be professional at all times. LinkedIn is a business social network and people expect things to be professional at all times. Click To Tweet Tip […]

Big Changes To LinkedIn Groups: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Have you noticed the massive changes to LinkedIn groups? Do you own your own LinkedIn group? You will want to check out the recent changes as they affect both group members and those who own their own LinkedIn group. Like LinkedIn’s Message Center, LinkedIn Groups has recently gotten a facelift. Its look and set up have completely changed as well as a couple of features, making it more visually appealing and easier to navigate. There are some deeper changes though and not all for the better, which I will explain in more detail shortly. Here is a review of the latest changes to LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups Home Page Besides the clean bright new look of the LinkedIn Groups home page, they have also improved the ease of navigation and added a couple of features which I think are meant to help improve waning engagement within groups. At the top of the page, is the colored Highlight Bar, which remains constant throughout all group pages. In the Highlight Bar there a number of navigational options. By clicking the redesigned group icon in the top left corner, you can quickly and easily go back to the Groups homepage. When you click […]

5 LinkedIn Lead Generating Activities To Fill Your Sales Funnel

Have you been successful at generating leads via LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of the most used and effective platforms for B2B marketing and lead generation. Before I dive into the five lead generation activities that you can do regularly on LinkedIn to generate more business, I want to qualify what these opportunities are and what they are NOT. Just to be clear, these lead generating activities are not to be used as another chance to sling your sales pitch at potential prospects. Quite the opposite, in fact. These opportunities allow you to directly reach out, connect and build a relationship with your ideal clients, helping them to know, like and trust you. You must develop trust and rapport before you try and have a sales conversation with them. If you make the mistake of pitching your product/service or come off as spammy, you will not only lose the opportunity, you will likely ensure that the prospect wants nothing to do with you in the future. You must earn the right to have a conversation with your potential prospects.  LinkedIn allows you to do this by providing a place where you can have one-on-one, highly relevant conversations with individuals. Here are five […]

Social Profile Psychology & How It Affects Your Business

Do you have a social profile strategy? Have you ever thought about one before?  Marketers are using social media, but aren’t utilizing every opportunity that they have. The social profile is the least thought about strategy in marketing.  In fact, I did a quick poll on the good people of Google+ and here’s their results.     A lot of people don’t think about it. But what if I told you that your profile could attract people to your business, create a sense of trust with your customers and clients, and build your brand better with the correct photo? You would start thinking about it then wouldn’t you? Let me explain. How the Profile Is Seen When you think of marketing on social media, the first thing you think of is your brand and how you can get more attention from your target market.  You probably think about how you can create revenue and use strategies that will help people and ignite their marketing strengths. In fact, the social profile can do all of this for you because it is on the front lines of the marketing war you are fighting. The social profile is the first thing that is seen after […]

Social Media Automation: What You Can & Can’t Automate

Have you been wondering what are the most effective tools for social media automation? Or maybe you’ve want to discover the best ways to automate your social media and what you should and shouldn’t schedule? Like most things in social media, the answer is IF DEPENDS. What I mean by this is, that what, when and how much you can schedule on social media will depend on a number of factors including your: Industry Community Business goals Social platforms Social media strategy And of course, how much time you have. Social Media Automation – Do’s & Don’ts That being said, there are some general rules that you can use as guidelines, when deciding what you can automate and what you can’t (or shouldn’t). 1. Do NOT Ever Schedule Engagement You should never try to schedule or automate your engagement. Social media is just that…social. When someone replies or otherwise engages with something you have posted, respond to them in real-time rather than scheduling your responses via a third party application Think of social media as a conversation between you and your community members. Just like any other form of effective and successful communication, it requires both parties to listen to […]

Why I Don’t Connect With LIONs On LinkedIn

Are you familiar with the term LION on LinkedIn? Or maybe you’re wondering whether you should connect with LIONs or even perhaps if you should become one yourself? I often have people asking me these same questions and I want to share with you today, what I tell them. What is a LinkedIn Open Networker? So what is a LION? A LION is defined as a LinkedIn Open Networker. Basically a LION is someone who will accept a connection request from everyone and anyone who sends them one. Typically There Are 3 Types Of People Using LinkedIn The first type of people are LIONs those who will connect with anyone. The second type are people who will only accept connection requests from people they know (in real life). The third type are the people that fall somewhere in between these two extremes. I personally lean towards the middle. Benefits Of Having A Large LinkedIn Network When I first started using LinkedIn I realized the importance of growing a network. The reason that this is so important on LinkedIn is because if someone is using LinkedIn’s advanced search to find a person or business that does what you do and you don’t show up […]

7 LinkedIn Messages You Should Never Send

Do you get LinkedIn messages in your inbox that you consider spam? Maybe you’re wondering what you should or shouldn’t do (or send) on LinkedIn? Many people are confused as to what to do, what not to do, who to connect with and what to send to new connections on LinkedIn. One of my most popular blog posts was one on LinkedIn etiquette. This leads me to believe that people really do want to know the right away of doing things on LinkedIn. However, every day I’m surprised by the number of message I receive from my connections or fellow LinkedIn members, which break some of LinkedIn’s most important rules of etiquette. These messages, will often hinder rather than improve your ability to achieve your goals on LinkedIn whether it is to connect with like minded professionals, find a new job or generate new leads for your business. Maybe you have seen these message in your own LinkedIn inbox or perhaps, you have sent one or more of these yourself without knowing better. Here are seven messages that you should never send on LinkedIn and why. 1. The Default Connection Request It is rare that I accept these. I usually […]

No BS Truth About Social Media – Smoke & Mirrors, Fact or Fiction [Blab Show]

  Each Monday, Lisa Larter and I host a live show on [The Melonie & Lisa Show] where business and social media intersect. We, along with a special guest share tips, strategies and updates about social media, online marketing and other relevant topics relating to business. Subscribe to see our show live and get your questions answered. Click here to join us on Not sure what is or how it works? Read this article. Blab Episode: No BS Truth About Social Media (Smoke & Mirrors, Fact or Fiction) 1. Fact or Fiction: Do I need 100K Twitter followers to be successful? 100K Twitter followers does NOT mean you have a successful business. First you need to determine how having 100K Twitter followers will meet your business goals. There is no inherent value in just having 100k Twitter followers – you can go out and buy that many fake followers, but they will be of no value to you. Followers can be BS or the can be an actual reflection of your popularity. The importance of engagement can be an illusion, for example on Facebook, the kind of person that engages is not always the kind of person […]