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7 Effective Tips To Get More Business From Your Blog

Are you getting results with your blogging efforts? Or are you spending a lot of time writing them with very few people reading them? Although blogging can be time consuming, it has huge potential to help grow your website traffic and generate more business for you. But there is a lot to know about blogging before you can achieve any level of success. In this article we outline 7 practical tips that will help you achieve significantly better results and get more business from your blog.   1. Write Long Content! If you write really detailed and useful posts, they typically get shared more often, resulting in more websites linking to them.  Links from relevant, high authority sites help to get your content ranked high within Google’s search results. This is essential to ensure you give yourself every opportunity to get seen by the right people. As it gets shared by readers, more people get to know about your content and the more people that know about your content the more likely they are to link to it. While you may not write long masterpieces every time, if there are particular keyword groups you want to rank for that are […]

My Top 7 Worst Blogs & Why They Sucked

Have you struggled with creating content that people both read and share? Content marketing isn’t always a walk in the park. In fact, it often results in quite a few failures before you really start to get the hang of creating content that resonates with your target market. Even someone who understands content marketing can make mistakes creating content that fails to become a hit. The key is analyzing the content that does well against those that didn’t to learn what works and what doesn’t with your audience. We always take the time to analyze our results to learn what went wrong and use that information to improve our content marketing efforts. While doing this for myself recently, I thought how it might help others if they could see what I realized by looking at Google Analytics: some of my content sucks…but why? A Few Observations Before I openly rip apart my own work for public display, let me tell you one thing that was interesting. Each of these articles had a very high time spent on page, suggesting that readers were pleased with the quality once they arrived. Here were some of the glaring issues that you’ll notice pop […]

5-Step Content Marketing Checklist

Do you have a content marketing plan for your business? Would you like to create blog posts people get value from and will share? Blogging for business is so much more than writing an article and throwing it up on your website. It encompasses a lot of planning, preparing, research, writing and editing until you get something that truly resonates with the audience you’re trying to reach. In an effort to organize this process for myself, I created a content marketing checklist that you might find useful when creating and promoting content for your business. I’ve distilled it down into five key steps: Planning & Research Writing Optimization Making It “Shareable” Promotion Even though there are several points for each step, there are still many more that weren’t covered in my attempt to be concise. If you feel something important is missing, let us know in the comments below. Make sure you scroll past the infographic for more detailed explanations of each step. Your 5 Step Content Marketing Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC] Feel free to share this infographic without modifications on your blog or anywhere you like with credit to Top Dog Social Media and a link back to this page. 1. […]

4 Easy Steps to Spice Up Your Blog Life

When you first started your blog chances are everything was exciting, fresh and new.  Comments on your page gave you butterflies and re-tweets had you swooning.  But as time has progressed daily routines paired with outside distractions may have turned your once steamy blog life, stale.   Below are 4 quick and easy steps that will shake the spice back into your pages. Invite a Guest Blogger to Join You Keeping a monogamous relationship between just you and your readers can cause things to become a little, well, underwhelming.  Turn up the heat by opening your blog up to guest contributors.  In addition to refreshing your readers by providing them a twist in perspective and voice, you also have granted the opportunity for your blog to be exposed to an entirely new audience, creating a win-win relationship between you and your guest blogger.

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