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5 Key Factors for Choosing the Right Candidates in the Kelowna Civic Election

There is so much being talked about around our fine city with the upcoming Kelowna Civic Election. People are wondering who is this FourChange Group, and what is their motivation? We’ve been talking about how Kelowna candidates are using social media (using the hashtag #KelownaVotes on Twitter), how many signs various candidates have around the city, but let’s face it, none of this is important. They are all temporary. We need to focus on the real issues. We need to focus on what the City of Kelowna needs long-term. Mayor Shepherd said there is nothing wrong with downtown Kelowna, I don’t believe that is true.  Let’s take what Dale Morton, co-owner of the Kelowna Hostel had to say, “At the hostel we have a lot of young people come here who’ve booked for four- or five night stays. Then they walk around, see boarded up buildings, and the empty stores on Lawrence and Leon. They see what’s going on in the streets, the criminal element, and they just don’t feel safe. They check out the next day. These are world travelers, and they can’t wait to get out of Kelowna. It’s a terrible situation.” I think most people in Kelowna […]

How Candidates Are Using Social Media In The Kelowna Civic Election

Since Barack Obama’s big win in 2008 for the US Presidency, social media has played a significant role in many (if not most) of the major political elections around the world.  Not only did Obama build the biggest network of supporters, he did it mostly through social networking efforts and raised youth voter-turnout to its second highest level in history. Fast-forward to the 2011 Kelowna Civic Election and you’ll see that many candidates realize that social media could be the catalyst that ushers them into Kelowna City Council’s seats. Kelowna Candidates on Twitter – Too little, too late? Although many Kelowna candidates are visible on Twitter, most were late to the draw. Although I have noticed a couple of candidates who are up for re-election  seem to have maintained a good presence with high levels of engagement. On the flipside, many of the newcomers are jumping on the bandwagon late and rely on a typical, canned promotional tweet such as, “Vote for me in the upcoming Kelowna Civic Election.” I can guarantee this approach won’t work. You’ll have people hitting for the snooze button faster than they can retweet with that method. So what is working? The Rules of Engagement: […]

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