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19 LinkedIn Mistakes That Make Me Pull My Hair Out

linkedin mistakes

If you aren’t getting the results you are looking for, it’s highly possible you’re making one (or several) LinkedIn mistakes that are turning off potential clients. Turning people off doesn’t always have to provoke a dramatic response that involves the other person slandering your business on Yelp but even in its most harmless form, it hurts your bottom line. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and when you waste it on making rookie LinkedIn mistakes, you’ve already shut the door on what could have been a mutually beneficial relationship. Take a few minutes to review the 19 most common LinkedIn mistakes I see to make sure you aren’t making any of them. It could be the difference between making or breaking your next sale. 1. Your Profile Is Incomplete An incomplete profile does nothing to build your credibility with prospects on LinkedIn, so why even bother? Yes, it’s no small task to thoughtfully fill out your entire profile and ensure it has impact in a way that speaks to your specific target market but it’s important. If you want a simple way to get to a complete and optimized profile, check out the 21 Steps [...]

5 Ways To Maximize Reach With Content Marketing & LinkedIn

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I often have people tell me at speaking events, “Melonie I just haven’t got any business from LinkedIn.” Do you struggle with trying to figure out how to actually build relationships or get results on LinkedIn? One of the keys to a successful LinkedIn or social selling campaign is content marketing. The beauty about content marketing and social selling is that it will always help you build a relationship, as long as it has context and relevance to the person you’re trying to reach. The problem with most peoples’ strategy is that do not invest the time to learn how to communicate via LinkedIn (or social media) in a way that speaks to their target audience. Instead, many push a selfish agenda that turns off prospects faster than a power outage in a busy nightclub. Content is more than just an article that you send to someone you want to sell something to, it’s offers you so many advantages that can’t be acquired otherwise. Here are just a few of the benefits of integrating content marketing with your social selling and LinkedIn efforts: Provides Value. It’s a lot easier to get your foot in the door with a new connection [...]

LinkedIn Company Page Vs Personal Profile: Which Is Better?

linkedin company page vs profile, which is better?

By far, one of the most popular questions I get from people is, “How do I get more leverage from my LinkedIn company page?” Many “social media experts” will jump at every chance to defend any aspect of the online social world but I’m going to tell you exactly what I believe. Company pages are not a big deal and they often don’t generate tangible results. There, I said it! Yes, it might come as a shock to many of you that I would ever suggest any aspect of LinkedIn is irrelevant but company pages aren’t where I’ve found success that produces sales. Company pages do provide a unique opportunity for exposure that wasn’t previously available to personal profiles though: Sponsored Updates. Does this mean you shouldn’t have a LinkedIn Company Page? If you have a business you definitely should have one but the real results always come from building relationships on your personal LinkedIn Profile. 3 Reasons Why Your Personal LinkedIn Profile Will Generate More Results Than a LinkedIn Company Page 1. People Want To Deal With People, Not Logos When you’re on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other network, do you prefer to interact [...]

LinkedIn History: The Road To 300+ Million Members

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Watching the rise of social networks replicates a lot of the excitement that surrounded the dot com bubble but without the burst, at least not yet. It almost seems like to be a billion dollar company, you have to have started in your parent’s garage or basement and shacked up with a few other people just crazy enough to stand the marathon coding sessions. LinkedIn history definitely does not stray too far from this story. Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, is at the center of the critical parts of LinkedIn history that were pivotal in defining the path to becoming a billion dollar company. Hailed as a business and tech genius, Hoffman has worn every hat along the corporate ladder and is a prominent angel investor for promising startups. A Tour Through LinkedIn History (2002-Present) 2002 Reid Hoffman recruits a team of old colleagues from SocialNet and PayPal to work on a new idea. They setup office in Reid’s 1-bedroom apartment. 2003 Six months after Reid assembles “the dream team”, LinkedIn officially launches on May 5, 2003. Growth starts out slow with as little as 20 new registered users on the worst days. Reid Hoffman and his team manage [...]

The Secret To Getting Found On Page 1 of LinkedIn Search

theSecret to getting found

When B2B professionals hear that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation (aka social selling) than Facebook or Twitter, they quickly realize LinkedIn is not a tool that can be ignored. Despite this impressive statistic, there is a problem that degrades the efficacy of the entire process for most people (and that likely includes you too): your prospects aren’t finding you when they search for professionals like you. Chapter 3 of my newly released book, The LinkedIn Code, discusses my “formula” for optimizing your profile to get to the top of LinkedIn search results. Your credibility is enhanced when a prospect searches for the services you provide and finds you on their own. As long as you don’t disappoint them when they arrive to your LinkedIn profile, you have an advantage that’s very difficult to buy because it’s organic. On a side note, if you don’t have an impressive LinkedIn profile already, learn how to perfect it here. Disable Notifications First You should not do any editing to your profile until you have disabled notifications otherwise everyone in your LinkedIn network will receive an update for every single profile change. I can assure you that both you and your [...]

How To Become A Top Contributor In Any LinkedIn Group

how to Become a Top

Would you like to be seen by a lot more of your targeted prospects on LinkedIn? LinkedIn groups are often a very under utilized tool and yet so valuable to business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. There is no better place to connect with targeted prospects and it’s the ideal forum to start establishing credibility with new people. Not long ago, LinkedIn added a feature to groups called “Top Contributors” to identify members that start topics that have the most impact within the group. Not only is this a great credibility booster, it gives you the most exposure out of anyone else in the group by featuring you at the very top of the page. In this article I’m going to share exactly the steps you can follow to become a top contributor in ANY LinkedIn group and then what you should do about it once that happens. You’ll need a heavy dose of ACTION along with this knowledge before you see results. Join Up To 50 Groups Before we get started, make sure you are connected to as many groups as you can up to the 50-group maximum. This isn’t just to look cool…you’ll see why this is beneficial [...]

8 LinkedIn Features That Strengthen Your Online Presence

8linkedin features

If you are like many people, you may have been making plans and goals for your business this year. One of those goals may have been to make better use of LinkedIn’s ability to network or generate new leads and sales. If you are a more advanced LinkedIn user, perhaps you want to finally figure out how to put all of LinkedIn’s many changes during 2013 to good use. Whether you are a new or advanced LinkedIn user, you are sure to find a number of their recent changes to be beneficial to your plan for LinkedIn in 2014. The changes to LinkedIn over the past year ranged from cosmetic changes to the addition of new features and functionality. The year saw a complete redesign of LinkedIn’s look and global navigation to create a cleaner and more streamlined experience. To go along with this look, they updated and in some cases, completely modified several of their pages and features. Here is a summary of the best and most useful changes to LinkedIn this past year that will help you strengthen your presence and better leverage relationships on the network. 1. LinkedIn Contacts Page Probably the most noticeable and significant of [...]

Why Twitter Is LinkedIn’s Secret Weapon For Prospecting


If you are using Twitter for business and you’re already on LinkedIn, there is no reason you shouldn’t be using them to serve the goals you want to achieve on either network. Finding prospects on social media is a lot easier when you already know which people are the most socially active online. If we are talking about business people, those who are on Twitter are almost guaranteed to be on LinkedIn as well. Although that conclusion is based on experience and not real data, I’m very confident you are going to find similar results if your company is primarily B2B (business to business). There are a few reasons why Twitter can serve your LinkedIn goals. Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter allows you to: Connect with any Twitter user (except the few that have set their profiles to private) See beyond 2nd and 3rd level connections – you can see everyone on Twitter Interact with any Twitter user As you can see, Twitter offers a lot more flexibility than LinkedIn for meeting new potential prospects but how exactly can one serve the other? Let’s dig in. Use FollowerWonk To Find New Prospects In Your Target Market One of the best tools you [...]

19 Steps To Social Selling On LinkedIn

steps to social selling on linkedin

When you think of social selling, I wouldn’t be surprised if every spammy message that ever made you hit the “Report Spam” button came to mind. The truth is, when done right, social selling can produce an ROI unlike any other social media marketing tactic. LinkedIn has been proven to be 277% more effective for lead generation so this article is going to focus on social selling with LinkedIn. When I’m training a sales team or a professional organization on advanced social selling techniques, here are the six major components I ensure they master: Laying the foundation for your success with a professional and well calculated online presence Creating value & positioning yourself as a authority on your topic through quality content Growing your online network with targeted prospects Engaging with prospects to create a dialogue Building the relationship over time by continuing to provide value while displaying thought leadership Moving the conversation offline 19 Steps To Social Selling [INFOGRAPHIC] Don’t forget to scroll down for the in-depth text version of this infographic! Feel free to share this graphic anywhere you like. All we ask is to link back to this article if you use it on your blog. Laying [...]

27 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Personal Brand

linkedin marketing tips

With each passing New Year comes that overpowering feeling that we must kick everything in our business up a notch in a renewed effort to make this year the best ever. Yes, I am one of those people so I was naturally pleased to see the debut of the new LinkedIn 9 A Day, a section on the world’s largest professional network dedicated to building your personal brand in only 9 minutes a day. I really like that they did this because it helps to dispel the myth that you need to spend hours every day to get anywhere online (although that certainly helps). There are, in fact, several tasks that can be done in under 10 minutes every day that will enhance and progress your personal brand. LinkedIn consulted experts from around the world to come up with the magic number 9 and included over 20 tasks that you do in under 10 minutes a day. Although LinkedIn 9 a day seems more aimed at building careers, most of the tasks it suggests are transferable and beneficial for entrepreneurs. I took the time to put my own little entrepreneurial spin on it to focus strictly on business and added [...]