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3 Ways To Build Your Downline With A Social Media Strategy

Are you tired of wasting time and energy trying to build your downline with stale, ineffective tools? Trying to recruit quality people for your downline without using social media is like trying to dig a ditch with a toothpick. You can’t skimp when it comes to creating an effective social media strategy. Here are three tips to help you to attract a downline to you, practically overnight! 1. Are You Trying to Sell Widgets? You aren’t really selling a product. You are selling yourself.  People do business with people they like and feel confident in. Use social media to be a charismatic leader, without the sales pitch. Post your interests and get involved in community activities. Start volunteering and post pictures. Selling gourmet food? Give some to a charity and then blog about it. Your social presence will bring you a gold-mine in relationship-based business. 2. Front and Center. List your website right on your profile on Facebook and Twitter. After people get interested in you as a person, they will click on your website out of curiosity. You’ll have sold them without doing any selling. Do this in every other social network you belong to. It should be a […]

Social Media Strategies for Network Marketers

Are you ready to move on to more advanced social media strategies to take your networking marketing business to the next level? Maybe you’ve gotten your feet wet but realize that there are other ways of promoting your business aside from the routine blogging and Facebook posts that you are already so diligently attending to? Effective social media strategies are essential to the health of your business in 2012 and advanced strategies are even more important as your competition becomes more socially savvy. Become a Master Tromp l’ Oeil Artist of Multimedia You have to take something that looks boring and flat (i.e. your business) and bring it to life. That is what the master artists like Gerard Houckgeest and Adriaen van Der Spelt did in the famous paintings that make something on a two-dimensional field practically pop off the canvas. It’s called hyper-realism and this is the kind of tactic you need to use when engaging modern technology – in all its forms – to promote your business. It isn’t enough to just post on Facebook or send an occasional Tweet. You need to use multimedia to help change people’s perspective of your business as a faceless, soulless entity […]

Social Media Training 101 for Network Marketers

Have you been trying to grow your network marketing business online without any proper social media training? If you want your dog to sit, you train him, and social media training isn’t much different than this process. Attempting social media without properly understanding what works, what doesn’t and the proper etiquette can be a disaster. Here is your introduction to growing your network marketing business using social media. Consider it a crash course.   Why YouTube is A Powerful Tool When You Know How to Use It YouTube is the second most used search engine on the web. People tune into YouTube for a slew of reasons. They can learn how to roast a perfect chicken, change the oil in their car or find a homeopathic remedy for psoriasis. If you are just selling a product or promoting some opportunity without giving some beneficial information you will not have much success! Instead, offer quality advice to solve a problem if you want to use YouTube to grow your business. Related: Social Media Strategy 101: 7 Tools You Need to Get Started Create Trust & Value Without A Sales Pitch! Share quality, informative content, without a sales pitch and you will […]

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