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I Found My Dad After 46 Years With Facebook In 72 Hours

I have a secret to share that I haven’t told many people until this week. In my 46 years on this planet, I’ve never met my biological father. I had attempted to track him down a few times but never had any success and eventually managed to get past it a few years ago, finally admitting defeat. I realized recently that I do want to know who my dad was before I die and if I have any other siblings. About a week ago a friend of mine found a brother they never knew they had on Facebook and it inspired me to give this a try myself. Within 72 hours of uploading a video to Facebook, I found him. My Crazy Story I created a video and uploaded it to my personal Facebook page, asking anyone and everyone to help me find him by sharing it and looking over the little details I had about him. HELP, I need your assistance in locating my biological father.Social media is a great tool for spreading a message and… Posted by Melonie Dodaro on Saturday, May 30, 2015 Truthfully, the details were sketchy at best. I knew his name to be Cees […]

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