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7 Simple Changes To Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

Are you getting the kind of results you want from your current social media marketing activities? What if there were some small and simple changes that you could implement that would save you time, increase your effectiveness and bring you more success with achieving your social media marketing goals? I am going to share seven tips that can help you do just that. Making these seven simple changes to your social media marketing activities can make a huge difference in the results you are getting. 7 Easy Changes To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Activities 1. Turn Your Best Quotes & Tips Into Graphics Want to get new eye balls on an old post? Repurpose it by turning your best tips, tidbits and quotes into a graphic. Find an article you want to increase traffic on. Then review the article for some small, helpful piece of information. Take the quote or tip and using a tool such as Adobe Spark Post or Canva, turn it into a graphic that can be shared on your social media platforms. For optimal sharing, use these tools to create a couple of different sizes to suit the different platforms (this is relatively quick and […]

Find & Connect With Your Ideal Clients On Social Media

Have you ever wondered how to find your ideal clients on social media? If you are like most business people or marketers, locating your ideal customers and prospects is often a challenge when using social media. In fact, a key finding in the 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner discovered that one of areas that marketers (and most other businesses) struggle with most, is locating their ideal customer and prospects. This was true for 86% of the people who took the survey. Thankfully, this task will be much easier if you have worked through my two previous articles on ideal client, How To Get Your Marketing To Attract Your Ideal Clients and Speak Directly to Your Ideal Clients in Your Marketing. The content in this series will help you to attract, speak to, locate and connect with your ideal clients. Locating Your Ideal Clients Your first objective is to find out what social media platforms your potential clients spend their time on. If you already have access to your ideal clients, such as through a brick and mortar store or email list, take advantage of this and ask them what platforms they prefer to use. If […]

How To Use Adobe Post To Make Stunning Social Media Graphics

Today, there can be no denying that every business should be including graphics and images as part of their social media strategy. Images are not only better able to grab the attention of your community but they get more shares and engagement as well. But what if you lack the skills of a graphic designer or the budget to hire one? There has been a recent surge in new software tools and apps to help businesses overcome this challenge. In this article I am going to show you how anyone (regardless of design ability) can create professional looking graphics using the mobile app Adobe Post. A free app, Adobe Post does require you to create an account or login with your Facebook or Adobe ID. This app is only currently available for Apple mobile devices, but they are working on creating an Android version. I am going to show you how to remix existing sample graphics from Adobe Post for your own needs as well as create your own social media graphics using this app that are perfectly sized for whatever social media platform you are posting on. Creating Social Media Graphics With Adobe Post Remixing An Existing Adobe Post Graphic […]

A Social Media Strategy is Useless Without This…

Have you ever decided you need to do something to improve yourself, your life or your business? What did you do? Did you create a list of goals and make a strategy to help you achieve those goals? Did you succeed in achieving your goals? If you did, then it is quite likely that you had a plan to put your strategies into action and then followed through each day with that plan. The same is true if you’d like to experience social media success. Even if you have the most profitable social media plan in existence, it would not put a single dollar in to your pocket if you don’t put it into action – every day. “Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.” ~Stephen Covey Occasionally implementing your plan is about as effective as not implementing it at all. To get consistent results from your strategy, you need to take action consistently. That is why you need a Social Media Action Plan. An action plan provides you with the tools and the steps to carry out your social media strategy in an efficient and effective way. It will keep you […]

Social Profile Psychology & How It Affects Your Business

Do you have a social profile strategy? Have you ever thought about one before?  Marketers are using social media, but aren’t utilizing every opportunity that they have. The social profile is the least thought about strategy in marketing.  In fact, I did a quick poll on the good people of Google+ and here’s their results.     A lot of people don’t think about it. But what if I told you that your profile could attract people to your business, create a sense of trust with your customers and clients, and build your brand better with the correct photo? You would start thinking about it then wouldn’t you? Let me explain. How the Profile Is Seen When you think of marketing on social media, the first thing you think of is your brand and how you can get more attention from your target market.  You probably think about how you can create revenue and use strategies that will help people and ignite their marketing strengths. In fact, the social profile can do all of this for you because it is on the front lines of the marketing war you are fighting. The social profile is the first thing that is seen after […]

Social Media Automation: What You Can & Can’t Automate

Have you been wondering what are the most effective tools for social media automation? Or maybe you’ve want to discover the best ways to automate your social media and what you should and shouldn’t schedule? Like most things in social media, the answer is IT DEPENDS. What I mean by this is, that what, when and how much you can schedule on social media will depend on a number of factors including your: Industry Community Business goals Social platforms Social media strategy And of course, how much time you have. Social Media Automation – Do’s & Don’ts That being said, there are some general rules that you can use as guidelines, when deciding what you can automate and what you can’t (or shouldn’t). 1. Do NOT Ever Schedule Engagement You should never try to schedule or automate your engagement. Social media is just that…social. When someone replies or otherwise engages with something you have posted, respond to them in real-time rather than scheduling your responses via a third party application Think of social media as a conversation between you and your community members. Just like any other form of effective and successful communication, it requires both parties to listen to […]

No BS Truth About Social Media – Smoke & Mirrors, Fact or Fiction

  Each Monday, Lisa Larter and I host a live show on [The Melonie & Lisa Show] where business and social media intersect. We, along with a special guest share tips, strategies and updates about social media, online marketing and other relevant topics relating to business. Subscribe to see our show live and get your questions answered. Click here to join us on Not sure what is or how it works? Read this article. Blab Episode: No BS Truth About Social Media (Smoke & Mirrors, Fact or Fiction) 1. Fact or Fiction: Do I need 100K Twitter followers to be successful? 100K Twitter followers does NOT mean you have a successful business. First you need to determine how having 100K Twitter followers will meet your business goals. There is no inherent value in just having 100k Twitter followers – you can go out and buy that many fake followers, but they will be of no value to you. Followers can be BS or the can be an actual reflection of your popularity. The importance of engagement can be an illusion, for example on Facebook, the kind of person that engages is not always the kind of person […]

Social Media Sharing – When Is It Too Much Or Too Little?

Each Monday, Lisa Larter and I host a live show on [The Melonie & Lisa Show] where business and social media intersect. We, along with a special guest share tips, strategies and updates about social media, online marketing and other relevant topics relating to business. Subscribe to see our show live and get your questions answered. Click here to join us on Not sure what is or how it works? Read this article. Blab Episode: Social Media Sharing – When Is It Too Little Or Too Much 1. How many times a day should you post on your personal and business Facebook page? One to three times a day, depending on the engagement you are getting. You can post several times a day if you are getting good engagement. The quality of your content is key (you must provide great value). Quantity is not as important as quality. It is different for each person or business so you need to test what works for you. When sharing content, quality rather than quantity is key! You must always provide great value. Click To Tweet 2. How do you decide decide when to share personal information? You must find […]

5 Profitable Social Media Activities For Your Business (And When & What To Outsource)

Social media has been mainstream for many years now, but are you still struggling to figure out what you should be doing? Have you been spending time on social media but finding that the time spent isn’t generating enough results? Turning social media conversations into ROI takes careful planning and execution. It’s far too easy to invest your energies into time-consuming activities that yield negligible to no results. So how do you make sure that you’re working in the most efficient and effective way possible? How do you make sure that you’re converting your social media activities into solid business benefits that boost your bottom line? The key is to cut through the fluff and focus in on the indispensable actions that really work. The ones that you can actually pinpoint as fueling your business objectives and raising your profits. Here’s Our Guide to the 5 Social Media Activities That Actually Get Results. 1. Your Strategy Must Match Your Objectives One of the main reasons social media activities flounder is that they don’t have an end goal. To get the best results, you need to have a plan. First of all, you need to identify your ideal clients. Get really […]

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