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How To Get Twitter Followers That Actually Matter

Do you struggle to get Twitter followers that actually produce results for you in your business? Social media isn’t a popularity contest – it’s a tool to connect us with the people and things that matter most in our lives. When it comes to Twitter, it’s possible to have 50,000 meaningless followers that do nothing for your business while another person may have 1000 followers that are highly active and engaged. Which would you rather have? I know I would always choose the 1000 highly engaged followers over 50,000 followers that never end up doing anything to forward my objective for being on Twitter in the first place. Disclaimer I use what’s referred to as a “follow strategy”, meaning that I follow targeted users and give them a few days for them to follow me back before I unfollow. There are several tools that help you do this including ManageFlitter and Tweetadder but it’s important to note that you must be strategic about how you use them to get tangible results. As of right now I have over 62,000 followers on Twitter and my account grows by an average of 150 followers a day, every single day. Here’s a screenshot […]

7 Sneaky Tricks For Measuring Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter is easily in my top three favorite social networks because it doesn’t restrict who you can and can’t connect with (unless they have a private profile) and you get rewarded for your hard work. Unlike Facebook, organic reach is very much alive on Twitter and I gain over 100 new followers a day without spending a single dollar. Here’s the thing…it’s not all about followers, it’s about targeted followers. Are you attracting the right people or just random strangers that will never help further your business? There are a few ways you can check your follower base to see if you’re on the right track using FollowerWonk. Some of these features will require a premium account depending on how many followers you have. Whether or not you decide to pay for the full version, I think the free trial version is worth trying out at least once to gain some valuable insights that no other tool currently offers. 1. Find The Most Common Cities Among Followers Are you a locally based business? If so, you’re going to want to make sure the most popular locations for your followers is the city you are based out of. Go to […]

16 Embarrassing Twitter Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

As someone who spends their days on strategizing social media campaigns for businesses, it’s easy to forget how many people struggle with things that seem obvious to me. Although I don’t often do private 1-on-1 sessions, I opened up a few spots recently and while working with a client I was able to spot some simple Twitter mistakes he made that really made him look bad. In fact, he was mortified when I told them the truth. This person is someone I would regard as highly intelligent and in a field where communication is very important to his business. We all make these mistakes when we’re first starting out and there’s nothing to be ashamed of – as long as we can fix them before they create any lasting damage. Here are the top 16 Twitter mistakes you need to avoid: 1. Using a Service That Calls Out Unfollows I cringe every time I see someone send out an automated tweet alerting their followers that I’ve unfollowed them. Not because I’m upset to be called out but because of how tacky that looks for them. Despite what some app developers will tell you, shaming people into following you is not […]

Why Twitter Is LinkedIn’s Secret Weapon For Prospecting

If you are using Twitter for business and you’re already on LinkedIn, there is no reason you shouldn’t be using them to serve the goals you want to achieve on either network. Finding prospects on social media is a lot easier when you already know which people are the most socially active online. If we are talking about business people, those who are on Twitter are almost guaranteed to be on LinkedIn as well. Although that conclusion is based on experience and not real data, I’m very confident you are going to find similar results if your company is primarily B2B (business to business). There are a few reasons why Twitter can serve your LinkedIn goals. Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter allows you to: Connect with any Twitter user (except the few that have set their profiles to private) See beyond 2nd and 3rd level connections – you can see everyone on Twitter Interact with any Twitter user As you can see, Twitter offers a lot more flexibility than LinkedIn for meeting new potential prospects but how exactly can one serve the other? Let’s dig in. Use FollowerWonk To Find New Prospects In Your Target Market One of the best tools you […]

Twitter Vine: Can you Deliver Value in 6 Seconds?

Twitter Vine is a new video service from Twitter that allows users to share very short videos. Depending on your business and your message, you may be able to use this new service to reach out to customers. What Is Twitter Vine? As with Twitter, which has a 140 character limit on any messages, this video service encourages brevity, allowing users to share up to six seconds of video at one time. The stated goal behind this limit is to inspire creativity, and you will indeed have to be creative in order to deliver value to your customers in one-fifth the space of a typical television commercial. Twitter Vine can be downloaded to a home computer, laptop, or notebook. It can also be downloaded from an app store for use on an iPhone, iPod, smartphone, or tablet. How To Deliver Value With only six seconds to work with, it is not feasible to use Twitter Vine as a way of delivering traditional commercial content. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this service as part of your Twitter marketing plan. One useful feature of the video service is the ability to geotag your videos. That means that you can mark […]

Real Talk: Does Anyone Care About #FollowFriday Anymore?

As a large proponent of Twitter marketing for businesses, I say this with a slight bit of shame: I hate #FollowFriday. Not because I don’t like the concept or the positive nature (I love both), I feel like it’s become a painful chore that actually does nothing for the people I want to shine a light on. There is a good chance that I’m alone on this but I wanted to bring it up because I’ve been wondering who feels the same way. Our article “The How & Why of #FollowFriday On Twitter” was one of the top 10 popular blogs on the site last year and although I stand by the best practices I outlined in it, I can’t help but wonder…how many #FollowFriday shout outs actually turn into something relevant for businesses? This is the first official “debate” for a new recurring set of candid conversations about the more controversial topics in social media marketing and how they relate to business owners. I believe in the power of social media but as a realistic businessperson I’m not inclined to sugar coat the gory details that affect my clients’ or my own bottom line. If something sucks, it is […]

Doubling (Or Even Tripling) Your Retweets In Under 10 Minutes

There is no secret that I’m a big fan of Twitter for business use. Don’t get me wrong, the little blue bird and me have had our wrestles in the past but like any great relationship, it’s got its ups and downs. Here are some of the problems people have: Getting real, interested followers Maximizing exposure for tweets (it’s noisy on Twitter!) It’s easy to feel like you are getting nowhere and just wasting time There is one thing I find most people have in common that have these issues: they aren’t taking advantage of Twitter lists.

21 Twitter Marketing Hacks: Writing Better Tweets Faster

Twitter marketing fundamentally depends on the content within each tweet but creating and curating that content can become quite the pain to do often while still retaining a high degree of quality. Over the years I have come across a few tricks that have solidified themselves as part of my routine. It’s not likely that you will incorporate every one of these points but inside these Twitter marketing tips you will find your very own Holy Grail for crafting the perfect tweets in no time.

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