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Choosing the Right Social Media Expert

A lot of people raise their eyebrows whenever they hear the term Social Media Expert. There are many reasons as to why they have negative connotations about it, but it simply boils down to there are still people that have not yet discovered the power of Social Media for businesses, big or small.

Top Dog Social Media embraces the fact that Social Media is growing and it will help businesses improve their visibility and profits for years to come. With 4 out of 5 Canadian’s using Social Media, you’d be crazy to overlook this. Those business owners that are close-minded will really miss the boat, and see there competitors that are using Social Media effectively, soar ahead of them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business in Kelowna, Vancouver or some other location in Canada or the US, it’s going to be important for you to have a Social Media presence and manage it effectively and consistently.

Now, if you are open to the idea of Social Media and in using it to promote your business, why should you hire a Social Media Expert? The answer is simple: You need a person with the right combined skills to effectively utilize the use of Social Media. You need someone who can make it work for you.

In order to know who the right person is, read further where I describe how to choose the perfect Social Media Expert for you. Here are some of the skills you should look for when choosing the right Social Media Expert:

  1. Marketing Knowledge. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is similar to traditional advertising in that you connect with your consumers and market your product or services so they will patronize your business. They should have the expertise in knowing your target market and how to win their hearts. A person with marketing knowledge should know the role of advertising and marketing; and how it works hand in hand to increase profits for businesses. This person should also know what’s the right kind of content to be placed in any form of Social Media whether it’s a blog or any of the social networking sites.  They don’t need to have come from a Marketing Department of some big company. They should just have the right marketing knowledge and a high respect for the role that Social Media plays and will continue to play in every business.
  2. Socially Inept. From the term Social Media itself, you know that a Social Media Consultant should be a people-person. They should be able to interact with various groups of people and be able to relate with them. Finding the right target market in the internet can be hard, especially when you have millions of people using the same social media site. But this won’t be hard for a socially inept person. This person can filter people and categorize if they are fit to be a part of your Social Media site or accounts, and when they find them, they will know what these people want and need. Social Media Experts should also be able to collaborate with people from other departments in order to know what the latest updates in your company are. Being open to feedbacks and other ideas are also top qualities that they should have in order to communicate properly.
  3. Being Curious and Successful. The Internet is growing fast and Social Media sites are always trying to catch up with whatever is new. Social Media Managers should know what the latest trends are and if it can help the business’ Social Media site or not. A good Social Media expert should always combine curiosity and critical thinking in order to have lasting positive results. Some people try to claim that they are experts but have yet to show any results of their own. You certainly don’t want to have someone handle your social media marketing who hasn’t been successful in developing their own companies social media sites. But there are a lot of people out there like that, claiming to be experts and yet they have 77 followers on Twitter and 36 people who have liked their Facebook page. Does that even make sense that you would want that person to handle social media management for you?  Take a look at their own accounts and see how they do for themselves before deciding.

Those are some characteristics of what you should look for in a Social Media Expert or Social Media Manager. For more information, I welcome you to visit our web site today!

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