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LinkedIn Domination

Dominate LinkedIn With Customized LinkedIn Help By Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn is a powerful business-building tool to attract more leads and clients. In fact, it’s over 277% more effective for lead generation than any other social media method. It’s a lead generating GOLD MINE!

You NEED to be there.

But you need to do it RIGHT – or you’ll spin your wheels and waste more time than it’s worth.

That’s why I created LinkedIn Domination – your complete campaign for dominating LinkedIn for your business and niche. I will be your personal LinkedIn coach you show you how to use LinkedIn. The customized LinkedIn help you have been seeking is now available.

Are You Ready To Learn How To Use LinkedIn?

Not only will I do a complete re-do of your profile to make sure it is professional, displays your credibility, and lays the foundation for your success on LinkedIn – also you get a complete custom strategy and training showing you exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Your LinkedIn Profile Makeover allows you to…

  1. Get Found: Decision makers are looking for your products or services, but they must find you first. Our profile will be optimized to ensure you rise to the top of the search results for the right keywords.
  2. Attract Your Ideal Client: By using proper strategies, more ideal prospects see your profile and want to connect with you.
  3. Stand Out. Let’s face it, there is competition in your field. Our unique methods help you stand out from the crowd.

Once I’ve written your profile, then what?

LinkedIn Domination answers that question…

I create a complete LinkedIn campaign for you. You get what works today – not theory or last year’s tactics. LinkedIn has rolled out many new features recently and they can be a game changer for your business if you know exactly what to do with them.

You get your own custom strategy – one that works for your business, industry and achieves your unique goals and objectives.

But it’s more than that…

You get a custom LinkedIn training video showing you what to do and how to do it. This customized video shows you exactly what to do daily and weekly and focuses strictly on the highest leveraging activities that produce results.

I also provide you with a customized for your business LinkedIn Domination Checklist – that fits with the amount of time you or a team member can dedicate to your LinkedIn campaign each week.

I write the scripts you will use when connecting with a new prospect and additional scripts for you to use to build a relationship and then move it offline. You want to move the relationships with prospects offline where you can convert them from a prospect to a client. That’s where the magic really happens.

You can easily turn over your training video, checklist and scripts to an assistant to implement this for you. You get massive results on LinkedIn without having to do any of the work yourself!

LinkedIn Domination is paint-by-the-numbers simple.

But it’s not for everyone. This is ideal for you if…

  • You are in the 5 to 10% of your profession.
  • Or your goal is to be in the top 1 to 5% of your profession or niche.
  • And you (or someone on your team) can dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes a day to your LinkedIn campaign.

I must warn you…

This is ONLY for people that make things happen in their business.

You get my best strategies, scripts, techniques and training on how to leverage LinkedIn for maximum results.

And I write your profile for you to ensure you 1. Get Found 2. Attract Your Ideal Clients 3. Stand Out.

Since these are quite time intensive, I can only take one or two new LinkedIn Domination clients at a time.

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