Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Many people ask how does Facebook Marketing work and will it work for my business? For any marketing to be effective you have to be able to reach your target market. It’s no secret these days that the majority of the North American population is now on Facebook so reaching your target market has never been easier.

About four years ago I remember speaking to a group of sales professionals that were looking for new methods to prospect new leads and grow their business. I talked about how new social networking platforms like MySpace, YouTube and (the more unknown) Facebook would take over within 5 years and have every internet user actively engaged.

What seemed like a pipe dream once, is now undeniable. We’re one year away from the official “social media takeover” and Facebook has already become one of the world’s largest countries in the world.

The question is: What will Facebook Marketing mean for business?

The BETTER question is: How does my business use Facebook Marketing to make more money?
Excellent question! Below I’ve reviewed the essential features of Facebook and how they can be leveraged for a successfully Facebook Marketing campaign.

Facebook Page: Your Company’s Online Portal

Facebook Pages (previously called Fan Pages) are different from personal profiles in the sense that they are used for the purpose of generating “likes” rather than friends. These were designed for the use of businesses, brands, products and anything else that isn’t a real person (except celebrities).

Facebook Pages give far more flexibility than personal profiles in terms of designing and customizing. You can use your page to share interesting and valuable content to build your online presence. In Facebook marketing stats have shown that people respond better to pictures and videos online, so be sure to utilize this to your advantage when making posts.

Your Facebook Wall: Your Megaphone to The World

This is where you make all of your posts and initiate your conversations with your customers, clients and fans. This function works the same on Facebook Pages as it does with personal profiles.

One of the techniques to Facebook marketing is to make sure you are using your posts to keep people updated on exciting, interesting activities and great specials. But you must be cautious  to not appear to be “selling” all the time or have your page as a never-ending online advertisement. People are engaged on social media sites because they enjoy great, valuable and (most importantly) free content.

The idea is to create a vibe that stimulates a community-based environment where everyone feels involved. Everyone has the instinctive desire to belong and you can have clients and customers for life by simply involving them in what you do.

Encourage users to “like” and share your posts, this massively expands your reach by extending to your fan’s friends as well. Whenever someone “likes” a page, that activity shows up in that person’s news feed exposed to all of their friends.

Learning Facebook Marketing By Example

The greatest example of this (by far) is the official Coca-Cola Facebook Page. Before Coke had made their own Facebook Page, two guys had already created one and started making videos and creating posts in the name of their love of Coca-Cola. Before long, the page had accumulated over 2 million fans and Coke’s brilliant marketing team decided to let these guys run the Facebook Page rather than take it over. Check out a video they made below.

5 Tips For Facebook Marketing Success

  1. Use Photos & Videos Use pictures and videos as much as possible. When you write a post, by attaching a relevant picture along it is more likely that you will catch the attention of your fans. It can sometimes be difficult to cut through the noise on Facebook and photos and videos are proven to be more attractive to people.
  2. Be Original Key in Facebook marketing is it’s important to be authentic on social media because if your posts are a constant sales pitch, people will ignore you, or worse “unlike” you. Add as much personality and creative spice to your Facebook Page as possible. Be sure to spice things up with new content, otherwise users will grow bored of your page and their attention will turn off like a switch.
  3. Recognize and Reach Out to Loyal Fans Create incentives that reward loyal fans and encourage users to be active on your page. Boston Pizza used an extremely effective campaign that required customers to take a picture of themselves at the restaurant and post the picture on their Facebook Page to win prizes.
  4. Create a Custom Landing Page Entice users to like your profile with some sort of incentive that is feasible for your company but attractive enough to easily garner a “like” from them. Some good examples of great custom landing pages are Red Bull, Cadillac and Pepsi.
  5. Be Active Comment on other people’s pages, “like” other’s posts and pictures. It is also important to respond to everyone’s replies and comments on your wall…are you starting to get the picture? A community can’t be a community unless everyone participates, including you.

This is a quick highlight of only some of the great features Facebook has to offer businesses. Watch for future blog posts as we go deeper into Facebook Marketing and the social media world.



  • Hi Melonie,

    It’s my first time here and your post is a perfect way to start a social media manager’s day! 🙂 I particularly enjoyed the video you shared from Coca-cola. It reminds us about the power of Facebook especially how it can build meaningful relationships between fans and other brands.

    Currently, I am running a poll on Facebook – would you have any advice on how I can get our followers to participate?

    Actually I was inspired by Mari Smith’s FB page where she asks people to share their page URLs every week or so… I also learned about your site through her FB update 🙂

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Melonie., great article and straight to the point – Thanks! As a young company just starting to learn the basics of how to leverage Facebook and build a community, these are some tips my company will use to start building the right foundation. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for your comment Keith. I’m happy there was some points you were able to take out of the article to apply to your own business. Good luck and keep me posted on how that goes for you.

  • This is a really great post! Keeping is simple and informative. Very key points to growing a presence on Facebook and learning to use Facebook for marketing. I like the way you explained the difference between a personal page verus a business page. This is very key for businesses to understand. I also loved the Coke Video – great ideas!

  • Thanks for the great post. It is all about building community!

  • Facebook is something I’ve not really been using in terms of promoting the business I work for. I always thought that because I work for a B2B company, it wouldn’t be worth it. We do have one, but we rarely use it and so maybe I will start to use it from now on. I guess the same goes for how I use Twitter. I always try to engage with my followers and not just talk about the business the whole time.
    Thanks for the Facebook tips -they have been really useful and I have realised I’m maybe missing out! We have a good article on Twitter – if you need any help on it or tips we could return the favour! Feel free to read if you would like 🙂

    • Hi Emily, although Facebook is a great social network you are right that for some businesses there are other platforms that may be more suitable such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Hey Melonie… Excellent article. This article actually shows how Facebook can be used to market B2C product. The coke ad is out of the world. its all about networking and building a community. Hope to see some more articles from your end.

  • Hi Melonie, Thank you for the great advice, I will put it to use and look forward to see the results! : )

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