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Does It Pay To Use Social Media?

Social media can pay big dividends when used effectively and with the appropriate social media strategy. When we work with our clients we work with them to determine their goals but for most businesses their goal is to increase their visibility and  profits utilizing social media marketing. It’s important to understand that the use of social media marketing isn’t only about advertising and exposure, it’s about increasing sales like you’ve never experienced before!

A lot of people are wondering if you can really make money from using social media. The simple answer is: YES! A lot of businesses and individuals alike are making money just by having and properly maintaining their own Social Media sites. This applies to businesses of all sizes in all cities across the world.

Now a new question arises: How do they do it?

Below are some of the strategies businesses use in order to help them have the best advantage of using Social Media and: MAKING MONEY.

Free Advertising

We all know how advertising can cost a fortune these days. Big companies spend millions of dollars just to promote a product for a few seconds on TV. But with the onset of Social Media, even small businesses can get their fair share of advertising with an audience that can reach a scope like that of television. On top of that, it’s free. You can cut a lot of expenses by just maintaining a good and well-run Social Media site. Some say that the best things in life are free, and with the onset of free or minimal cost advertising, business owners can relate to that for sure.

Traffic and Right Content: PROFIT

When people hear the word traffic while they are driving, they usually get irritable and frustrated. Imagine driving early in the morning with lots of cars that are not moving because the road is clogged by heavy traffic. Surely, nobody in any part of the world would like this. But in the world of the Internet, heavy traffic is like music to a site owner’s ears. Heavy traffic means a lot of people are viewing your social networking sites and even your company’s web site. This means that they are interested in your services and what you have to offer.

So how does this traffic help your business make money? Imagine a mall filled with people on Christmas Eve. Inside the mall there are a lot of shops and your business is one of them. For some reason, your shop gets the most number of people going inside and purchasing your products. The reason behind it is your beautiful decorations and witty advertisements on your windows.

Put this scenario on the Internet where millions of new sites pop up every minute. So why does your site get a bunch of traffic? It’s because you post the right content. The right mix of key words, interesting content, pictures and videos, and you’re engaging with your community. Businesses who earn money via Social Media sites don’t just join the bandwagon, they STAND OUT.

The bottom line is, having heavy traffic increases your exposure and is a sign that a lot of people are lured into what product or service you offer. This means only one thing: MORE PROFIT and MORE VISIBILITY. There are many social networking sites to use and which ones you choose is dependent upon your company and your goals. Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing and YouTube marketing are all very effective, but some sites are better than others depending upon the specific industry you are in.


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