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The Ultimate Marketing Strategy: Education Based Marketing

education based marketingIn a recent conversation with Callan Rush, a leading expert on how to build your business and fill your workshops, we discussed why so many businesses are failing to achieve results with their marketing efforts. It was clear to us the reason for their lack of success was they are pitching, not educating.

In today’s market the most effective form of marketing is education based marketing. Not sure what that is? Well this article is an example of that. Social media has become such as effective tool for businesses to position themselves ‘top of mind’ and for professionals to position themselves as an expert or leading authority in their field and/or community.

Examples of Education Based Marketing

To help you really understand the power of education-based marketing, here’s an example of three ineffective marketing approaches followed by a more effective education based marketing approach.

Business: Accountant

Ineffective marketing: “This is why you should use my accounting services.”

Effective education based marketing: “Let me show you the top five mistakes everyone makes when filing their corporate and personal taxes. No matter who you choose to do your accounting, you need to know these things.”

Business: Financial Planner

Ineffective marketing: “I want to come and talk to you about this great new mutual fund we have that’s yielding a great return.”

Effective education based marketing: “Even if you never do anything with me, I want to make sure you know the five critical mistakes everyone makes when choosing investments to grow their wealth.”

Business: Website Company

Ineffective marketing: “Let me tell you how great we are at building websites for our clients.”

Effective education based marketing: “Here is a complimentary white paper we offer entitled ‘Six ways to ensure your website converts to leads and sales. ”

Education-based marketing can attracts new customers to you before they are thinking about buying. You are able to quickly develop trust and credibility if the education you give is of true value. Education based marketing can be the least expensive, most effective marketing strategy to grow your business.

If you know anything about sales you know that the key to success is in building rapport with your prospect. When you start pitching your product/service using old school sales and marketing strategies you will usually break rapport very quickly. This causes your prospect to be skeptical and not trust you. When you use education based marketing strategies you are able to quickly build and maintain rapport. This also increases your credibility and positions you as a trusted advisor.

Education Based Marketing The person that I know that does this best is Callan Rush. In our conversation I asked Callan if she would provide a complimentary webinar to my community. So if you want to learn more about how you can use education based marketing to grow your business and fill your workshops, I’m bringing the world’s best ‘Workshop Filling’ Expert straight to you!

Callan’s webinar is called: “Fill Your Workshops…with EASE!” Now even if you are not currently doing workshops, you may want to incorporate this into your new education based marketing strategy to gain credibility in your marketplace and attract more clients to you.

In this session you’ll discover the 3 biggest secrets to PACK all of your tele-classes, webinars, workshops and seminars with your Perfect, Ideal Clients!

In this 90 minute Webinar – Callan will cover how to Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Workshop Leaders Make that Keep Their Events Empty!

There are three convenient times to attend this webinar.

You Will Also Learn:

  • * How the ’3-7-30-30-30′ Formula Will Help You Double Your Revenue This Year.
  • * The Key to Ethically Out Marketing Every Single One of Your Competitors!
  • * How to Become a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to All Of Your Potential Clients … (and Why You Must Care About Attaining This Status!)
  • * How to apply this Marketing Secret to your SOCIAL MEDIA efforts to attract way more cash, credibility, and clients!

Don’t miss this opportunity, Callan packs in so much value into her webinars!  I’ve organized with Callan a few convenient times to fit your schedule. By the end of this webinar – you’ll have the tools to catapult your success using education based marketing.


  1. Kenneth says:

    Excellent examples of effective education based marketing approach. Push type marketing and “pitching” just doesn’t work anymore. Very informative.

  2. 1615262205 says:

    I agree 100%. Through education-based marketing, you provide potential or current clients with pertinent, relevant information which can reinforce your brand and enhance interaction and engagement with your target market.

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