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Expert Calls Out Businesses For Improper Use of Social Media

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As social networks continue to successfully infiltrate and integrate everyone’s lives together; the value proposition for businesses continues to rise on a steep incline. Where the attraction of social media has grown for entrepreneurs, the frustration keeps a firm lead ahead as businesses everywhere struggle to successfully incorporate these mystical digital tools of the future.

Kelowna and the entire Okanagan Valley is a hot spot for social media activity. It’s not unusual to see 50 over even hundreds over comments on Facebook posts from local radio stations in under an hour. It isn’t unusual to see radio stations easily command a dominate social presence but it is very unusual to see activity on those posts from local Kelowna businesses that are advertising products and services. Melonie Dodaro, international social media speaker and founder of Top Dog Social Media, has called out businesses for poor practice of social media as the reason for their failures.

“They are barely keeping their heads above water with social media. Most of them are wasting their time and time is money. It doesn’t take long before they notice it hit their bottom line and they head for the hills,” says Dodaro as she discusses the obstacles business owners encounter.

“You can see evidence of poor social media use on a daily basis, everywhere you look. These people aren’t bad people and they don’t sell bad products or services. They simply haven’t taken the time to educate themselves. Therefore, in all cases wasting their time and in some cases, completely repelling people and damaging their reputation and/or company’s brand.”

Dodaro champions a strategy based on the concept of attracting targeted, qualified customers to businesses by using high quality, relevant content delivered through various social platforms. She asserts that the days of “push marketing” are over as people begin to find what they need, as they need it through simple Google searches and leveraging their social connections in a more powerful way.

LinkedIn trainingLinkedIn seems to lead the way for business owners currently as it boasts a significantly more professional atmosphere and is Melonie Dodaro’s weapon of choice. With over 161 million members with an average household income of $109,000, LinkedIn has got serious weight in the B2B industry especially. Dodaro says she gets 70% of her business from LinkedIn and has a complimentary LinkedIn training webinar to teach optimization strategies that propelled her to a network of over 14,000 people and growing by hundreds every week. For more information go to

For more information or to arrange an interview please email Melonie Dodaro at

Kelowna social media companyAbout Top Dog Social Media:

Melonie Dodaro is the founder of Top Dog Social Media, a company that specializes in helping businesses, professionals and corporate sales teams use social media marketing to boost their visibility, credibility and attract new customers. As one of Canada’s top LinkedIn and social media strategists, she’s a regular contributor to several social media and business magazines and is a highly sought after speaker and trainer on profitable social media marketing for business. Melonie is currently writing a new book called The Social Marketing Profit Formula. To learn more go to



  1. Chris Dollinger says:

    Great post Melonie as I totally agree with you on this one. Kelowna business can not blame social media for poor results etc. Recently I helped a team heading to Africa with finding the right water bottles for them (as the water there is horrible). This local Kelowna company bragged on their site about the quality of their products and high profile “stars” who use them. After connecting up via phone, Facebook and inquiring on their web to place a substantial order, guess what? One phone call 70 days later (after I called from an website inquiry), no follow up even after I said I wasn’t going to call back. And here’s the kicker – no order for this company as the team bought elsewhere. Was social media to blame – not a chance. Just poor execution on using social media. I too call out the businesses in Kelowna to maximize their efforts – and maybe its time to call Melonie and Top Dog Social Media for help…..

    1. Thanks for sharing that Chris. That brings up another issue regarding social media and how effectively it can be used as a customer service tool. Or in the case you mentioned, how ineffectively. So many businesses fail to see results with social media and in 100% of the cases it’s because they are using it incorrectly. Perhaps they are trying to sell on social media, or they’re inconsistent, and most don’t bring any value to potential clients. There is an easy fix to any of the problems that businesses and professionals are experiencing and that is get the social media training needed to be successful. It took me 5 years of study to know what I know now, I too many many mistakes in the beginning. It’s well worth the time to learn this or hire someone highly capable to do it for you whether that be an internal employee or outsource to a company like Top Dog Social Media where we provide full social media management services. Social media isn’t going away so it’s time to embrace it and master it!

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