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5 Reliable Ways To Increase Engagement on Facebook

Facebook MarketingAre you doing the best you can to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts? With more than half of Facebook’s 800+ million users logging on every day, it should be easy to get a slice of the pie, right? Many say it could be easier…

There are several steps you should be taking to ensure you are creating an environment that promotes and stimulates engagement. Since Facebook has become such an important communication channel for social network marketing, you should be following these tips as closely as possible in order to keep people interested and active on your page:

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  1. Ask Specific Questions, but don’t make them too complicated. No one wants to do homework before they say something on your wall. Ask intriguing questions that require short, one-word answers and “yes or no” questions are effective ways to provoke the engagers less likely to respond.
  2. Post Photos That Provoke Comments, Likes & Shares. Some of the simplest ways to get Facebook Marketingpeople engaged is to ask their opinion. Changed your haircut? Post a picture and ask people to comment and tell you what they think. I had an extremely popular post once that had 1985 likes, 505 comments and 1867 shares. The post was a picture of a cute puppy sleeping with a teddy bear and the words, “How adorable is this?! Go ahead and share it.” The simple addition of “Go ahead and share it” largely contributed to the high volume of shares by simply suggesting the idea.
  3. Give People a Chance to Share Their Knowledge & Expertise. Part of being an expert is sharing your knowledge but being social requires you to let other people contribute their opinions as well. Give people as many opportunities to voice their thoughts and opinions on your page. Everyone has something they are an ‘expert’ in and you’ll be surprised at how quick people are willing to engage when it is something that’s relevant to them and their interests.
  4. Be Authentic & Be Yourself. If you post unemotionally about bland topics related to your industry, you aren’t going to connect with anyone. Speak through your own voice and don’t be afraid to show your personality. It’s the qualities that show you’re human that make it easy to connect with you online.
  5. Post Often. You can’t post once or twice every two weeks and expect to keep people engaged. A recent study by Facebook Page analytics company EdgeRank Checker has concluded that it’s best to wait 3 hours between posts to maximize engagement, impressions and traffic driven by the News Feed. Pictures seem to get the highest impressions, followed by video and links.

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  1. Greg says:

    Facebook is expressively getting rid of the “like gate” option in the next month with the updates to fan pages…

    1. Yes, you are correct. Sadly, this post was written only a few weeks ago and already requires updating! Ah, the ever changing world of social media!

    2. Yep, things sure change quickly in the social media world, it’s a full time job just keeping up with them Greg! 🙂

  2. Allen Voivod says:

    Great post, Melonie. Especially the counter-intuitive #6 – you’d think that if you had to spend money for one highly-produced video, you’d want to use it for the welcome video! I like the idea of it being more personal and engaging instead – thanks for suggesting it.

  3. Vezu says:

    I am always afraid of posting too much, i think i loose fans everytime i post something. lol

    1. How often do you post Vezu? You should be fine with 1-2 times a day on Facebook.

  4. Brandon Wick says:

    What about the new FB timelines coming out for pages? Is #5 still current?

    1. Brandon, it won’t be at the end of March. Aren’t all these Facebook changes so much fun! 🙂

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