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Understand the Changes to Facebook Page Insights

Facebook insights, example of Mari Smith and her new book The New Relationship MarketingIf you have a Facebook fanpage that you are an admin for you might have noticed some major changes to Insights.

Facebook released a tutorial that’s approximately 20 minutes long but I’ve made this short video to give you a condensed version of their overview to save you a lot of time.

If you are a total beginner when it comes to analytics, you will gain some extra wisdom from Facebook’s tutorial, but experienced users will appreciate this bite-sized video.

So What’s New With Facebook Insights?

Page Metrics
People Talking About This – The number of unique people who have created a story about your page in the past 7 days. Here’s what it includes:
•    Liking your page
•    Posting to your page’s wall
•    Likes, comments or shares on your page posts
•    Answering a question you posted
•    RSVPing to one of your events
•    Mentioning your page
•    Photo-tagging your page
•    Checking in at or recommending you

Friends of Fans – The number of fans you can potentially reach when your fans talk about you

Weekly Total Reach (aka Impressions)

Enhanced Graph For Analyzing Content Effectiveness

Improved Post Metrics

•    Reach – how many people saw your post (includes organic, paid and viral reach)
•    Engaged users – the number of unique people who engaged with your post, includes any click on your post (liking or commenting, watching a video, clicking on people’s name in the comments…any type of click that is a result of your post)
•    Talking about this – the number of unique people who have created a “story” from your page post
•    Virality – a quick way of showing the percentage of unique people that have seen your post and created a story from it (For example, a virality score of 10% would mean roughly 1 in 10 people who see your post will also share it)

*Clicking on each post metric will reveal more detailed information about it. Very helpful for figuring out how your audience likes to engage with you and your content.

Remember: All people included in “Talking About This” are also counted in “Engaged Users” but the same cannot be said the other way around.

This tool can be very effective in analyzing the effectiveness of your social media strategy! If you have any questions about the changes to Facebook Page Insights, leave a message in the comments below or ask me on Facebook fanpage or on Twitter.

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