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Google+ vs. Facebook: Who Will Win In 2012?

Facebook vs Google+Businesses and marketers have been left puzzled trying to figure out which site will be most crucial to their social networking strategy. It’s been almost 6 months since Google jumped into the social ring in an attempt to wrestle some of Facebook’s 800 + million users to the mysterious invite-only Google+.

It didn’t take long for G+ to hit 40 million registered users but it still has a long way to go before beating out the 300 + million user army of Twitter or Zuckerberg’s social networking behemoth, Facebook.

The boys in blue at Facebook have recently become buddy-buddy with Spotify, a popular music streaming service, and that has significantly helped the goals of both companies. Although this poses a threat to Google+, they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve as well.

Social Integration: The Future of Social?

Facebook may have Farmville and Spotify on their side but Google has YouTube and…well, Google integration!

Google search integration provides a favorable advantage to G+ for SEO purposes, specifically. These factors have a massive impact in the effectiveness of your social media strategy so they should not be ignored.

Facebook’s mission is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,” but it seems that Google is striving to make people and the web more connected. I would debate this is a more effective approach in the long run as social media becomes an extension of everything rather than being its own entity on the web, but only time will tell.

Forgive me if I’m starting to sound bias but most of my opinions come from my stance as a business owner using these sites as tools in a social networking strategy.

Who’s Got The Better Features?

Facebook vs Google+This is the department that Google is miles ahead in. Google+ has way cooler features that actually work and aren’t totally frustrating every time you try to use them…cough…Facebook chat…cough.

If you haven’t tried the “Hangouts” feature on G+, you’re missing out. You can video chat with up to 9 friends at one time from your computer or from your Android smartphone.

Inserting a “+” before your search query will bring you directly to the corresponding Google+ page. For example, searching “+YouTube” will bring you straight to their G+ page with no additional clicks. Simple features like this make it easy to keep bringing people back.
Facebook’s features have always been rather lackluster and every update seems to prompt a unanimous collective groan on News Feeds across the world. The recent addition of Open Graph, you have probably noticed social reader apps like “The Guardian” or “The Washington Post” popping up in your news feed every time a friend reads one of their articles.

This pesky app lures you in with its catchy headlines only to stop you at the gateway of an application install request where it asks to post to your News Feed when you read an article, similar to Spotify.

Google+ Pages vs. Facebook Pages

Facebook pages have been a staple to millions of brands and companies since it made its original debut. Over time, marketers and businesses alike have progressively begun to feel snubbed by the lack of exposure they get within their fans’ News Feeds as Facebook continues to favor posts from personal profiles over pages.
Google, on the other hand, has received massive amounts of praise since it introduced Google+ Business Pages. It provides much more flexibility with how you can interact with brands by extending the Circles feature to incorporate business pages as well. This allows the user a bit more freedom in how they want to interact with you versus an algorithm solely deciding that for you.

The Verdict

Here’s the trouble I have when attempting at choosing a favorite…Facebook remains more popular with a larger audience and the go-to method for keeping in touch with friends and family. However, for business your social networking strategy depends on getting the maximum amount of attention possible to your brand. Google+ can come out on top here.

Marketers constantly struggle to cut through the noise on Facebook but G+ gives you far more leverage with ‘Circles’ and its attractive SEO benefits. These factors leave it as a force to be reckoned with.

The real question is will it be enough to compete with Facebook or be the demise of Facebook as we know it? Will you be making Google+ part of your social networking strategy?  Leave your answer in the comments below!


  1. NessieGraf says:

    Facebook would like to be cake, but very heavy to swallow his increasingly more forced innovations. Google is an enormous cake, from which you may take out the slice that you just need always. The Google+ only foam on the cake.

  2. Georgi says:

    Your Comments

    For me…hands down, G+ is the one I choose. Facebook for a few friends and family may be alright, but if you are serious about social media, Google knows what we want…right down to the YouTube video button…listen to music while you stream the latest posts!

    1. Hey Georgi, thanks for your comment. I agree Facebook is great for personal, and Google+ just might take it for business!

  3. Walter says:

    Definitely gonna keep Google+ page & profile.
    Facebook may have Spotify, Skype and user edvances,
    but G+ is like the article explains much more reliable and seems to be appreciated in many ways by new users, something Facebook can’t say.
    Google+ is a keeper, for me that is…

    1. Thanks for your comment Walter. I agree Google+ is going to see some momentum in 2012.

  4. Mohab says:

    for me G+ better faster and when i upload my photos the quality stay clear and sharp on facebook really become mor ugly and photo edit on G+ is better and don’t forget google music stay in beta who knows and i think G music will play a great part in G+ social network music and facebook it’s become more ugly every time they changing the look many ppl make new pages bring the old facebook again mmmm…
    my opinion in the end G+ as i am linux Ubuntu user i can’t use vid chat for facebook cuz of skype and that makes me hate facebook more 😀 and i am android user that gives G+ ,1+ for me
    so m using ubuntu 1+ works great for me 🙂
    m using android 1+ great for me ^ ^
    and i love google music and it will be a great shoot for g+ to get facebook down 🙂 works on android phones or tablets and pc 😀 i think i had enough haaah sorry for my english ^^

  5. I agree Chris, and I would imagine that G+ will eventually allow more editing of the biz pages. Happy New Year!

  6. […] are two things that could contribute to putting Google Plus on the map in 2012: Google Ripples and free voice calls in G+ […]

  7. Mario Dragi says:

    I think Facebook profiles and pages are far more better than G+!

  8. I agree that Facebook is good for keeping up with friends, family and old school mates and G+’s integration with search and somewhat less of a walled garden is an asset. I just wish Google would give us the ability to be a bit more creative on the business page (i.e. a landing page with more editing capability). I know it’s probably coming but the sooner the better.

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