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How to Add a Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

Melonie Dodaro's LinkedIn Profile VideoWith recent updates to the professional network, it is even easier to add a video to your LinkedIn profile to really stand out from all the other profiles. The content of this article is now outdated so please visit this blog to see how it is now done(updated March 2013). 

In this article I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this and you will also find a video tutorial to help you.

Currently you’ll need to use either of two web apps: Slideshare or Google Presentation. In the future, adding videos might become a built-in feature on LinkedIn, just like in Facebook.

Why add a video to your LinkedIn profile?

1.  It makes your profile more memorable and distinct from the rest—for now, at least. In the future, when majority of LinkedIn profiles contain videos, it’s how you do in your video that will make the difference.
2.  A video shows more about your personal qualities. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video will allow others to evaluate those ‘words’—how you speak, how you carry yourself, your personality etc.  A video is particularly important if you are a speaker, coach, consultant, author, it’s even great for professionals such as lawyers, accountants, PR, those in media—and don’t forget budding politicians.
3.  It’s an effective way to show your skills. You can show examples of your work, testimonials from your clients or any number of ways to let people know why you are the best choice if they are looking for someone that offers your products or service.

How to Add a Video to Your LinkedIn profile with SlideShare app:

1.  You’ll need a blank presentation (I used a one-slide Powerpoint here) and your video must already be uploaded at YouTube.

2.  While you’re logged in at LinkedIn, go to menu ‘More > More Applications’

LinkedIn applications on how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile

3.  Click on the SlideShare app:

Include Slideshare as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy

4.  You’ll be asked to create a SlideShare account (assuming you don’t have one yet, or to link an existing slideshare account). Once you do, you’ll be asked to confirm your email. Log on to your email provider and click on the confirmation link.

How to use Slideshare to add a video to your LinkedIn profile

5.  Add the application.

6.  Your LinkedIn account will show your SlideShare app with an upload button. Don’t use this button yet, instead, logon to your new SlideShare account at (not via the LinkedIn application) and use the upload buttons from there.

Add a video to your profile as part of a good LinkedIn marketing strategy.

7.  At SlideShare, click on ‘Upload Publicly’—you want your video to be public.
Linkedin video marketing, upload a video on your LinkedIn profile to stand out!

8.  You can edit the title, tags and description while your presentation is being converted.How to add a video to your LinkedIn profile

9.    Once it’s converted, go to your uploads

How to add a video to your LinkedIn profile

10.  Click ‘Edit/Delete’

upload a presentation with video into your LinkedIn profile.

11.  Click ‘Insert YouTube Videos’ tab

How to insert a YouTube video via Slideshare into your LinkedIn Profile for your LinkedIn marketing campaign

12. Paste in the YouTube video URL; also select ‘Insert video Before slide 1’ then ‘Insert and Publish’
Add a YouTube Video using Slideshare directly into your LinkedIn Profile. Having a video on your LinkedIn profile will make you stand out.

13.  Once the video is inserted and published, refresh your LinkedIn profile—your presentation should appear under your profile picture box and the video should play automatically after a few seconds.
Learn how to add a YouTube video using Slideshare presentations right into your LinkedIn Profile.

You can also add a video to your LinkedIn profile using Google Presentation app. It works similar to SlideShare but you may have to tweak the size of the video inside the presentation and you may want to choose to not have the video play automatically.

Here is a video tutorial on how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile using Google Presentation.

The process of how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile can be a little confusing so I hope this post helps you to understand it better.

Still unsure? Or know of some other ways on how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile? Post your questions or comments below.



  1. Andrew says:

    Melonie, just getting the chance to read through more of your blogs and this is a great idea! I have shown my readers who to upload videos for facebook and wordpress but the idea of uploading video to LinkedIn never crossed my mind! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. @Andrew: It’s a very powerful tool since you don’t have much of an opportunity to really introduce yourself with your own voice often on social media. Being able to have video on a LinkedIn profile has done wonders for me. You could implement it on your profile and give tips to business owners for choosing the right graphic/web designer. I know that many business owners struggle with finding the “right” person for the job, you can definitely give Purple Oak an edge with some education-based marketing.

      All the best!


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