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How to Create Great Social Media Content For Your Business

The Scenario

You have a small business catering to your local market. Maybe you’re a retail store, realtor or flooring company. Your friend a would-be social media consultant told you to promote your business online. He advises to make use of various social media management strategies like blogging, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Linkedin marketing, etc. You trust your friend and built yourself a web site because your friend said it is the best way to start. He reminded you to create catchy, informative and interesting content. So, you trust him and when you are just about to write your first blog post, a realization hits you. How can you write great content about what you do that people will want to read about?

The Solution

It is not the end of the world for you. In fact, there are ways to jumpstart your online business by using several other tried-and-tested social media management strategies. Don’t worry because you have plenty to work with in terms of content. A trained social media consultant can help you with this.

Provide Solutions

Perhaps, you are in a business where you solve problems. If you are best at it, tell people how you do best at it. Keep engaging customers by offering direct and interactive solutions. Tell them how your products can solve their dilemmas. People are always searching for a solution to their problems.

Be Passionate, Be Creative

Have faith in your business and think of ways where in you can connect your products to the world that you care for. Provide interesting facts, research and other information that people may be looking for. And don’t feel like you always need to talk about your business. Find other things to share that your target marketing would enjoy.

Inform and Educate

Education based marketing is one of the quickest and best ways to build trust you’re your consumers. Share information on your niche and latest trends that evolve around it. Make sure that you are up-to-date with the latest. Talk to industry leaders and interview them. This way, you can post links, snippets or even quote them. This not only allows you to begin to create relationships with industry leaders it also positions you to be seen as one.

Creating content for blog posts and social media is often intimidating for many business owners. It doesn’t have to be though. Watch what the companies are doing that have really have it figured out, you can learn a great deal from them. If you still find it overwhelming you can also outsource your content creation to a social media management company.


  1. Owen says:

    It’s interesting how creating content stops people in their tracks and yet if you left 2 people in a room…do you think it would remain silent? People are programmed to create content. I regularly sit down with companies and 16 months seems to be the magic number. They create 16 months of weekly content in an hour or less.

    Businesses answer question by email everyday = content.

    Looking forward to connecting soon.

    1. Great points Owen! Looking forward to meeting you one of these days in Vancouver or if you are ever out this way to Kelowna. Happy Victoria Day!

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