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LinkedIn Marketing: Getting Results In 15 Minutes A Day

To properly begin LinkedIn marketing for your business we have created this LinkedIn training lesson. Let me first start by saying you should be dedicating more than 15 minutes a day to your social media strategy if you want real results. This post is for those days when that just isn’t possible since we all know how life can truly get in the way.

So if you only have 15 minutes, what should you be focused on?

LinkedIn Training: Using Time Wisely

Let’s run through this in checklist format. Since our site is still being updated, I want you to envision a checkbox beside each of the following points. Trust me, it’s easier and more fun that way.

1. Post A Status Update (2 Minutes)

It’s easy enough to share an update with your latest blog post or a helpful note that speaks to your audience. This is important for a couple reasons: you need to remain consistent to ensure maximum visibility and you want to be known as a thought leader in your industry. One of the easiest ways to do that is by sharing content daily that appeals to your target market. Simple enough, right?

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2. Accept New Invitations And Welcome Them (2-3 Minutes)

Every time you receive a connection request, accept it and send out a personalized welcome message that provides value to your new connection. Take a look at their profile and try to determine if there is any synergy or commonalities you can comment on. Most people I talk to never reach out to new connections and that is a very big mistake! This personal touch makes a big difference in starting the relationship building process.

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3. Use Advanced Search To Find 3 New Prospects (5 Minutes)

This is too easy and important to ignore. You don’t even have to enter a keyword to search for people in your state/province in specific industries. Go to Advanced search and check the industry you want, specify 2nd connections only and enter your location-related data and hit search. You can enter keywords to get more specific but this simple method is a prospect magnet that takes no time at all. Reach out with a personal connection request message.

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4. Start Discussion & Share Blog Post In Relevant Groups (1 Minute)

Again, this is another crucial component of getting in front of your audience. Groups give you a chance to interact with people outside your immediate network within highly targeted niches. You should aim to always interact with other discussions and posts within the group. You can also share one of your blog posts or from another source that is relevant to that and will bring value to the members of the group.

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5. Scroll Through LinkedIn Signal (3-5 Minutes)

LinkedIn Signal is the professional network’s answer to Facebook’s News Feed. By interacting with your connections’ posts (by either “like” or comment) will trigger a notification for that person. This is a very basic way to stay top of mind with your connections so why bother skipping it? (Note: You can also do this via the home screen which I recommend for those with exceptionally large networks due to the amount of updates that come through Signal)

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This is nowhere near the be all, end all to LinkedIn training but it is potentially your best spent 15 minutes…if that’s all you have. This will not suffice as a long-term strategy if you really want to see some momentum, but it will do for those days you can’t really squeeze in anything else.

You’ll notice everything we covered in this LinkedIn training session is all directly linked to social activity. That might sound like an obvious statement but so many people often get so caught up in content that they forget about the point of social media: making connections and being social.

The moral of the story is that if you don’t have time to do anything else, you should always make time for personal interactions as it’s an important part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Is there some other LinkedIn training tips you’d like to see us post? Let us know in the comments below so we can schedule another blog post and include them.

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