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How To Create A Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

linkedin marketing With the professional network now boasting more members than many developed countries, business professionals across the planet are racing to figure out how they will leverage LinkedIn marketing for themselves.

Statistics have shown that LinkedIn marketing is 277% more effective than Twitter or Facebook for lead generation but there are still many people who get frustrated before reaching success.

Your LinkedIn Profile Is Your Professional Online Presence

Your LinkedIn profile is often your first online impression as it usually shows up at the top of Google results when someone Google’s your name. It is essentially your online professional presence and it’s imperative that it conveys that you truly are a professional.

This LinkedIn profile infographic details every single step you need to craft the perfect profile. If you follow each step, you will not only look good but also attract and engage your ideal clients to take action and reach out to you.linkedin marketing

Stand Out From Your Competitors

LinkedIn is very SEO-friendly but many people don’t think about the searches that are actually done on LinkedIn every day. If your profile is properly optimized, you can take advantage of the many searches being done every day within each industry and show up above your competition.

You need to be proactive as well and not expect your profile to do everything for you. Include these five things as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy for optimal results:

  1. Personalize all connection requests
  2. Engage in LinkedIn groups where your target market is
  3. Forget the sales pitch and lead with value
  4. Send a personalized ‘welcome’ message to all new connections
  5. Take advantage of LinkedIn advanced search to find targeted prospects in your extended network

LinkedIn Profile Infographic: How To Create A Kick-Ass Profile

The graphic was created from my personal LinkedIn profile and leaves no stone unturned showing you how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile when it comes to:

  • Getting found by potential clients in LinkedIn & Google searches
  • Impressing prospects when they find you
  • Writing copy that creates action and has them reach out to you

Feel free to share this LinkedIn infographic anywhere on the web as long as you reference the source and hyperlink it back to this blog post.

linkedin marketing

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