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Over 400 million professionals are currently using and interacting on LinkedIn, and many are discovering that they can quickly pan this goldmine for ideal prospects that turn into clients. There are many opportunities on the LinkedIn social media platform, but there are also aspects and strategies that are not apparent to the average participant.

Melonie Dodaro has developed a deep rooted overview of both the big picture and the minute details that are necessary for successful use of the LinkedIn platform. She has become an expert level LinkedIn speaker, and can make your event or conference shine. She can assist your audience in evaluating whether LinkedIn is the social platform that is right for their organization, and determining what percentage of social media strategy should be allocated to refining employee personal and company LinkedIn profiles, adding and coordinating additional team member’s participation, and engaging in daily social activities there.

In addition, Melonie will clearly express how to best use LinkedIn for every type of business. The platform will accept a large amount of copy, and there is great value to a complete input of information in all the areas Melonie recommends. Moving forward, the pertinent question is – “How to best connect with others?” It is a process that Melonie can simplify, and make everyone comfortable to proceed with networking, connections, and content sharing in a diligent and organized manner. She will also coach and share knowledge on how to incorporate and interact LinkedIn activity with all other social media platforms.

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Powerful Keynote and Breakout Presentations from a Renowned Social Media Speaker
LinkedIn Keynote Presentations

How To Generate More Business From LinkedIn

Melonie’s highly engaging LinkedIn presentation delivers what your audience needs: the tips, trick and strategies that work to generate more leads with LinkedIn.

Learning Points

  • What you must do to ensure that your profile attracts and engages your ideal client – it’s probably the exact opposite of what you are currently doing
  • 3-Step Formula that will get your profile to the top of the search results and in the Top 1% of most viewed profiles
  • What you must know about LinkedIn etiquette – and the common mistakes people make that drives potential customer and referral partners away

Social Selling: Leveraging LinkedIn For The Sales Professional

Melonie reveals the most advanced social selling techniques that top sales people are using on LinkedIn to create relationships faster and easier with key decision makers leading to a shorter sales cycle and increased sales.

Learning Points

  • How to put lead generation marketing on “auto-pilot” using LinkedIn
  • The social selling formula that turns prospects into clients
  • Secret to bypass the gatekeepers and connect with decision makers

Not only does Melonie deliver powerful LinkedIn keynote presentations, she’s also a sought after seminar leader, breakout speaker as well as a corporate trainer for sales teams.

LinkedIn Breakout Presentation

Create a LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign That Produces Results

Melonie’s will walk you through the steps you need to take to create a powerful LinkedIn campaign that focuses on building your network of qualified prospective clients.

Learning Points

  • How to start to grow your LinkedIn network for increased exposure to your target market
  • How to develop a list of carefully chosen prospects within your target market and establish a strategy to connect with them
  • How to use advanced search to find your target market on LinkedIn
  • How to connect directly with the right people who are able to make buying decisions

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