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NY Post Reports Zuckerberg & Parker Public Fight Almost Gets Physical Over Spotify

Anyone who has seen The Social Network or dug up the right Wikipedia articles knows about the interesting history between Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker, founder of Napster.

$5,000 Tip on $6,000 Bill Left by Sean Parker

The two were spotted out on the town partying at The Beverly spending a lot of money on alcohol before having an intense discussion. According to the witness, Parker had argued that Spotify should be accessible without having to register for Facebook but Zuckerberg disagreed and was not prepared to change his mind.

The source reported the Napster founder and Facebook CEO in a screaming match outside the club, stopping just before things started to get physical. The two went off into their separate directions as the situation diffused itself.

Spotify Gets 250,000 New Users Daily After Facebook Deal

A few weeks ago, Sean Parker and Zuckerberg threw a party in honor of Spotify at a Facebook conference in San Francisco.  Facebook has been very successful in providing a large amount of subscribers to Spotify since their partnership.

A Stretch From The Real Story?

Despite the alleged reports from an eyewitness, a rep for Parker was able to confirm, “Most stories have a grain of truth. They were together at The Beverly, they did discuss Spotify and Facebook, but they did not have an argument. They have spoken several times since. Sean is looking forward to seeing Mark at a wedding this weekend.”

Click here to link to the article posted by the NY Post.

What’s your thought, should you have to register for Facebook before being able to access Spotify?

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