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Social Media Marketing Helping Local Businesses Succeed

Have you been looking at different ways to promote your business and maybe even considering social media marketing? Having worked with many local businesses owners in Kelowna, BC and other areas across Canada and the US, the most common thing I hear from almost all of them is, “how should I market my business.”

Include Social Media Marketing Into Your Marketing Mix

Establishing a good brand name and a loyal following is challenging for even the best of businesses. Some may say that other businesses are lucky because they made it look easy in building a lot of visibility in a short period of time. But they were not lucky; they just made good decisions when it came to their marketing plan. They understood the importance of discovering where their target market is spending their time and
including social media into their marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing is Powerful for Local Businesses

These days, it  not hard for even the smallest of businesses to been seen, and that’s because of the emergence of social media marketing. Some businesses fall short in marketing because they still do not have enough resources to advertise and market their products to the public. But with the help of social media, many businesses are given a chance to be seen and known very quickly within their local community at a relatively low price.

Some businesses just open their doors and think people will come. The old saying, “build it and they will come,” is just not so!

Getting an Edge on Your Competition

Are you paying attention to see what your competition is doing on social media? If they’re there, more reason for you to get started immediately. If they are not there, gain an edge on them by getting started before they do. We have helped many Kelowna and Okanagan businesses establish a name for themselves quickly despite the growing number of competition in the marketplace. So how do we do that? By helping businesses utilize social marketing in the fast-growing world of the Internet to increase their visibility quickly, through the best social networking platforms for their particular business.

Traditional Marketing Is Expensive

Big companies often started like many small businesses. Many struggled to find a niche and to build their brand. They spent a great deal of money to test various advertising methods in hopes to have their products or services become known. Until recently most businesses relied on traditional methods of marketing through TV, radio and print advertisements, and even some hiring the services of Public Relations firms. This was and continues to be very costly, and the number of people that can be reached through these medium depends on the amount of money a business can afford to spend. For businesses that don’t have a big marketing budget, their results are typically disappointing.

The Benefits of Social Marketing

When social media marketing emerged, the rules of the marketing game changed. With the help of social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), small businesses finally have a channel wherein they can feature their products and services much more affordably. They are able to reach thousands of potential consumers using these sites. Of course this will not happen overnight, but it is definitely faster and more cost-effective than any other form of marketing before it.

Businesses can also interact with their consumers in a real-time basis, whenever and wherever they are. Customer service has evolved and small businesses can hop on the fast running train without the cost of an expensive ticket. Business finally has a more personal and human touch, and this appeals to today’s more social consumer.

Marketing in a Social World

Marketing in a social world can be very cost-effective compared to traditional advertising, if done right. Unfortunately many businesses have given up on social media stating it was not effective for them. The truth is, social media marketing is very effective, but only when done right and done consistently.

What other suggestions do you have for businesses considering social media marketing? Share them in the comments below!

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