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Social Media Strategies for Network Marketers

Are you ready to move on to more advanced social media strategies to take your networking marketing business to the next level? Maybe you’ve gotten your feet wet but realize that there are other ways of promoting your business aside from the routine blogging and Facebook posts that you are already so diligently attending to? Effective social media strategies are essential to the health of your business in 2012 and advanced strategies are even more important as your competition becomes more socially savvy.

Become a Master Tromp l’ Oeil Artist of Multimedia

Social Media StrategiesYou have to take something that looks boring and flat (i.e. your business) and bring it to life. That is what the master artists like Gerard Houckgeest and Adriaen van Der Spelt did in the famous paintings that make something on a two-dimensional field practically pop off the canvas. It’s called hyper-realism and this is the kind of tactic you need to use when engaging modern technology – in all its forms – to promote your business. It isn’t enough to just post on Facebook or send an occasional Tweet.

You need to use multimedia to help change people’s perspective of your business as a faceless, soulless entity to a online community, brimming with life. You need to post pictures, videos and flavorful writing to make your business personal and real.

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Brand Yourself

Social Media StrategiesAfter you’ve made your business a breathing, living entity, you need to use social media to brand yourself. McDonald’s spent billions branding the golden arches but, sure enough, people flock to wherever they rise. From Mumbai to Nebraska, people know what the Golden Arches stand for. It is one symbol that represents an entire international company.

You need to make your social media about a brand – and that brand is you. Many social media strategies forget this essential element for ultimate success.

How do you brand yourself?

  • Become an expert in a specified niche of your business. If you bake bread, become the Queen of Italian flatbread. If you are a personal coach, become the expert for redirecting someone’s life after a divorce. You get the idea.
  • Purchase your full name as a website domain name. This will become part of your brand. You can have a lot of other websites that feed back to this one, but the main website should have your name on it.
  • Put your brand everywhere you can – websites, blogs, other people’s blogs, etc.

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Help Someone Else

The fastest way to use your social media strategy to promote your business is to help someone else promote theirs. I’ve referred to this many times as The Law of Reciprocity and I retain my stance promoting it as the most effective fundamental strategy.

Not only is it easier to help promote someone else but promotion holds more weight when it’s coming from someone else. Help people in as many ways as you can and then watch them do the same for you. Obviously you can’t expect it and not everyone will reciprocate but the idea is that many will and those are the people to focus on building strategic alliances with.

By following these tips, your social media strategies will not only be effective, but also way ahead of the curve. How could you step up the game with your own social media strategy today?


  1. Keri says:


    Great post! Your points are right on — Especially on the Law Of Reciprocity.

    I just did a collaborative Facebook event in January. That was a whole month of letting people promote themselves. In turn, it took my business in a while new direction. A good one!

    If we want someone to smile at us, we must smile first…


    1. Hey Keri, thanks for your comment. Yes the law of reciprocity is so powerful and so applicable to social media. I’d love to hear more about your collaborative Facebook event you did! 🙂

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