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Your Customers Are Talking On Social Media. Are You Listening?

Social media strategyA couple weeks ago I posted a blog called Why Twitter Is Still A Powerful Marketing Tool and discussed the importance of monitoring relevant as part of your overall social media strategy. Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure of connecting with Tanya Thompson from Discovery Honda in Duncan, BC and heard about their social media strategy and Twitter success stories.

Both stories are perfect real-life examples of why it’s crucial to have someone who can monitor interactions with your brand in real-time through out the working hours of each day. One of the things that make these success stories is the fact that Tanya, Discovery Honda’s Customer Relations Manager, was on top of watching the company’s tweets when an opportunity presented itself.

Tanya didn’t have just one Twitter marketing success story but two incredible cases of a great social media strategy in action.


Social Media Strategy Includes Top Notch Customer Service

After noticing a long time customer and Twitter follower had a service appointment coming up, Tanya from Discovery Honda took the lead and tweeted a reminder. Not only was this impressive to the client, it was extremely convenient since he was wondering if they did rock chip repairs to windshields and was able to ask right away.

Social media strategy

Although the dealership didn’t offer the windshield repair, they didn’t miss an opportunity to send the referral to @AppleAutoglass1, immediately prompting a three-way conversation trying to find a solution.

Social media strategy

In a short period of time, they coordinated a schedule that would have the customer drop his car off for the service appointment, the dealer would drive him to his golf game and service the vehicle until Speedy could pick it up.

Speedy dropped the vehicle off at the dealership after they finished and it was washed and vacuumed before picking up the customer from a long day of golfing. Being a doctor, he was thrilled to finally have a day off to enjoy himself and not be running errands.

To this day, he still tweets about his experience.


Are You Listening?

A wonderful customer who had purchased their Suzuki from the dealership a couple years ago came in to get her brakes checked and noticed a beautiful new Honda Ridgeline outside on the lot. She could see a sign showing the dealership’s Twitter ID (@DiscoveryHonda) nearby and decided to tweet about the beautiful car she saw on the lot.

Social media strategy

Tanya was “listening” on Twitter at the time and immediately offered a test drive to help her kill sometime outside the waiting room. Since her brake check was going to take a little while, Tanya arranged to have the customer take the vehicle out for a while so she could pick up her kids from school. They continued to tweet back and forth to answer questions and let the customer know the gas was on them – another classy move by the team at Discovery.

Social media strategyBy the end of the day, the customer had traded in their Suzuki for a brand new 2012 Honda Ridgeline.

The best part? She still tweets about it.


How Are You Raising The Bar Online?

Both the stories we got from Discovery Honda relied on their successful integration of social media into their existing strategy but also by raising the bar on their customer service. Tanya didn’t have to go the extra mile for a customer that was getting a simple servicing of their vehicle, but she took it upon herself to help book an appointment at another business for him, just to make his life easier.

In return, Tanya has received consistent promotion for Discovery Honda through customer tweets and the power of third party credibility. You can sit on Twitter all day and tweet about how awesome you are but isn’t it so much better when someone else does it for you?

How is your social media strategy raising the bar on your customer service? Leave your comments below.


  1. 752831347 says:

    Those are both very inspiring examples of what a great tool Twitter can be! Thanks for sharing them Melonie.

  2. 1470715246 says:

    Wonderful tips Melonie! I am one of those who has been avoiding/trying to use Twitter, but will get there! Thank you for the motivation with real-life examples.

  3. 134703956607973 says:

    Thanks Melanie. I feel honoured to be the subject of your blog. Twitter has proven to be very powerful here at Discovery Honda. And I love using it to connect every day with our customers.

  4. 134703956607973 says:

    Thanks Melanie. I feel honoured to be the subject of your blog. Twitter has proven to be very powerful here at Discovery Honda. And I love using it to connect every day with our customers.

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