Social Media Tasks: 25+ Tasks For Your Social Media Strategy

25+ Social Media Tasks The Pros Never Forget

Do you sometimes feel like the social media tasks you are doing aren’t getting any results?

Would you like to know if the tasks you are doing are worth the time you spend on them?

This week’s article focuses on the most important social media tasks that can’t be skipped on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.

Want to find out how social media savvy you are?

Take the test in the infographic below and give yourself 1 point for each task you incorporate into your social media strategy. Tally up your total of Yeses and use the score indicator at the bottom to find out how well you did.

Whether you are doing well or you need some improvement, this social media checklist provided will help you pick up some slack wherever needed.

How Social Media Savvy Are You? [Take The Test]

Social media tasks outlined in checklist

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You get 1 point for every task you incorporate into your social media strategy from the graphic above. Tally up your points and share your results on Twitter below!

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Social Media Tasks For LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

LinkedIn Checklist

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.21.36 AMShare a status update with relevant business content [daily]

Stay top of mind to your LinkedIn connections by sharing valuable, relevant content daily.

Check and respond to messages and InMails [daily]

Treat your LinkedIn messages like email and aim to respond within 1-2 days.

Check notifications and respond to actions when appropriate [daily]

Make sure you are interacting with anyone responding to your updates or posts in groups.

Accept new connections and send message to open dialogue [daily]

Find out more about your new connections, show interest in them by reaching out with a friendly message that sparks a conversation.

Engage in conversations in LinkedIn groups [daily]

LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to meet new potential prospects that are highly targeted to a specific niche.

Tag new connections with the tag feature to keep contacts organized [daily]

Keep your prospects separated from current clients and business associates so you can easily sort through them at a later date. Find out more about this feature in this LinkedIn Contacts tutorial.

Post a new blog post in relevant LinkedIn groups [weekly]

Be very careful not to spam groups and read rules before posting. Only post extremely high value content that is relevant to the groups you post inside.

Dedicate 30 minutes to building your own LinkedIn group [weekly]

Learn more with this handy infographic and tutorial on building your own LinkedIn group.

Connect with new potential prospects through LinkedIn groups [weekly]

Reach out to members in groups you have joined to grow your LinkedIn network.

Facebook Checklist

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.22.02 AMRespond to all new comments and messages [daily]

Don’t leave your fans hanging and be sure to respond to any new comments or messages that come in daily.

Post to Facebook page in the morning [daily]

Keep your Facebook page updated with fresh content on a daily basis.

Post to personal Facebook profile [daily]

If you are using your personal Facebook profile to connect with business contacts then you should post daily to maintain maximum visibility. One time daily is enough.

Like all comments on personal & business page, reply as needed [daily]

Acknowledge meaningful engagement on your Facebook accounts with a reply or simply by “liking” their comment.

Engage in Facebook groups using your personal profile [daily]

Facebook groups are a goldmine for engagement. Find a few good ones that are likely to have your target market in them and make a point of interacting in them often.

Check hashtags relevant to local area and industry for opportunities to interact

This is one of the most important tasks that will help you build your following organically and keep you inside relevant discussions when possible. For example: searching #Vancouver or #socialmedia on a daily basis.

Schedule following day’s post if you will not be able to post it live [daily]

Use Facebook’s built-in scheduler if you won’t be able to post your status update live.

Contribute to conversations on other business pages by providing relevant comments [daily]

Like other pages as your Facebook page and use it to interact with their posts. Aim to leave insightful and relevant comments that add value in the conversation.

Dedicate 30 minutes to building your own Facebook group [weekly]

Put some time into building a group that fosters high quality engagement that interests your ideal clients. Over time this will grow into a goldmine with many uses. 

Check Facebook insights to see best performing posts [weekly]

Analyze your content’s effectiveness on a regular basis and duplicate what works while finding out what doesn’t.

Twitter Checklist

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.21.44 AMPost original tweets daily i.e. share blog posts, tips, quotes etc. [daily]

Stay consistent by providing high quality content regularly. You know the drill by now!

Retweet 3-5 industry leaders, influencers and/or people in target market [daily]

Don’t just share your own content, share the love! It’s the fastest way to get on someone’s radar without appearing self-serving.

Respond to all @Mentions [daily]

Make sure you reply to any personalized mentions, as needed.

Engage with a minimum of five targeted people/prospects [daily]

This number can vary depending on your strategy but I recommend trying to interact with at least five targeted people daily.

Add people who share your posts to a Twitter list [Daily]

Anytime somebody shares your content on Twitter, add them to a special Twitter list so you can keep track of them in the future.

Search for posts mentioning your name, business or products [daily]

Make it a daily task to check for people mentioning your name, business and product names on Twitter. You never know who could be talking about you!

Monitoring hashtags & keywords relevant to your industry and/or local area [daily]

I take a quick scan through hashtags like #socialmedia, #marketing and #smallbusiness on a daily basis to get a quick update on news in my industry. I also check out #Kelowna and #Vancouver daily as those are relevant to my local area and are regularly used.

List people that you want to watch – prospects, influencers, competitors etc. [weekly]

Make a point of building your Twitter lists on a weekly basis. I cannot stress how valuable these lists can become over time. I would highly recommend checking out my post on creating a Twitter strategy for a more detailed explanation on how to incorporate lists into your strategy.

Share content from people who recently shared your content [weekly]

Once a week you should be making a point of sharing great content from people who have been sharing your posts. This encourages repeat shares from your biggest supporters and helps share the love!

What Would You Add To The List Of Social Media Tasks?

Rather than looking at social media tasks as a “right or wrong” situation, try to separate tasks that bring you closer to your goal and those that only waste your time.

Which social media tasks do you find most essential to your strategy? Let us know in the comments below.


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