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Social Media Training

Social Media Training Gives You
That Extra Edge in Business

Without proper social media training, you’re spinning your wheels and wasting your time. If you aren’t using social media right, you may as well not bother using it at all. It’s true. You can do more harm to your business reputation if you make some of the more common social media mistakes we see happening all the time.

That’s why clients come to us. They’ve felt the wrath of the social universe because they’ve inadvertently posted something that set people off.

Maybe you’ve done something like that yourself.

I know when I first got started, I did. And I learned – the hard way – what to do and what not to do. But you don’t have to go through the “school of hard knocks.”

Just Like Any Society, There are Protocols You Need to
Understand in Order to Be Known, Liked and Trusted

If you don’t know these protocols, you’re one post away from disaster.


That’s why we at Top Dog Social Media developed some of the most respected and recognized social media training in the industry. Your social media success is our business.

People are online all day, every day. They’re talking with their friends and acquaintances about things they like or don’t like. They’re sharing their stories… and their experiences with others who may come into contact with your business.

You need to know what you can and can’t do. You need to know the proper etiquette, the proper protocols and, most importantly, the reasons for using social media and using it profitably.

The Right Social Media Training for Your Business

Choose the training package that suits your business best:

1. Social Media Training for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Professionals:

Let us show you the best ways to set up your social media for maximum visibility and profitability. Using our proven methods, you’ll soon become the expert in your niche – the “go-to” person in your market or attain the enviable status of most trusted in your field.

We’ve been doing social media since way before it became popular. We’ll flatten your learning curve and turn you into a social media pro in no time. That’s our promise to you. And we back it up with proof:

“Out of darkness comes a bright light. To a novice in social media and how it can assist me in my business, Melonie (the bright light) brought a plan of action to enlighten both my potential clients and I. Creating a more defined me to present to the public, Melonie showed me the who, what, where, when and why of social media.

Experience and communication skills are the tools used by Melonie to help the uninitiated become a force. She herself is a force to be reckoned with in this technological world. I highly recommend Melonie for anyone in any profession needing social media direction. I will be continuing to use Melonie and Top Dog Social Media in the future.”

~Randy Kroner, Miami, Florida, Forensic Accountant

If you’re ready to tackle social media the right way, you can apply for a free, no-obligation strategy session here:

Get Moving And Learn More!


2. Social Media Training for Sales Teams and Sales Professionals

Generate more – and better – leads, qualified prospects and more sales after taking Top Dog Social Media’s training for sales organizations and professionals.

We’ll teach you – or your organization how to use social media the right way to find, connect and engage with your ideal customer… create top of mind awareness and make you the first person they contact when they want what you offer.

Attract More Customers Now!


Not Ready for Customize Social Media Training Yet? Check Out These Affordable Online Training Courses:

Linkedin Profit Formula

Harness the power of the #1 social network for businesses and professionals. Discover how to connect with the movers and shakers in your niche – and how to create the kind of profile that attracts your ideal customer to you. We’ll show you how to get them to your profile – and more importantly – how to get them to want to connect with you.

This is cutting edge training – you won’t find this anywhere else. If you want to build solid relationships with the top 1% in business, attract more leads and clients the Linkedin Profit Formula is the right choice for you.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover in this online course:

  • The 3-step formula to writing your profile that make contacts call you
  • How to capitalize on endorsements and recommendations
  • Using keywords to create a constant flow of new connections
  • How to get your profile ranked at the top of the search results

“I have been very fortunate to have Melonie as a guest on my podcast and I recently picked up her new Linkedin training course. Within days of implementing her recommendations I’ve had people reach out to me about the work I do, and even managed to get the attention of recruiters for potential dream jobs. Her Linkedin training course is one of the smartest investments I’ve made and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to get more out of Linkedin.”

~Srinivas Rao, Los Angeles, California, Digital Content Strategist, Blogcast FM

Click here to learn more about the Linkedin Profit Formula


Insanely Profitable Social Media

Instantly master the five keys to social media success! Insanely Profitable Social Media online course consists of five modules – each thoroughly covering one aspect of social media. Once you’ve been through this program you’ll be fully versed in:

  • Twitter Mastery – getting the most from your tweets and more
  • Facebook Mastery – leverage this social media giant for more referrals, more leads, more customers and more money
  • Linkedin Mastery – the definitive source for driving massive results on this social network for business
  • Content Creation – find out how to deliver compelling content that gets shared, tweeted, liked and posted across the social universe for exciting viral distribution
  • Strategy – put together the plan that continues to work day in and day out. Whether you do it yourself or hand it over to your team, you can be confident you’ve got the right strategy in place to bring customers and clients to your business – online or offline!

“Thank you for providing the Insanely Profitable Social Media course. I give it 5+ stars on a scale of 1-5. You made it simple and easy to understand and helped me create a social media strategy to make my business profitable. You were really generous with the amount of information you shared and never hesitated to go way beyond what you promised in the course outline.

The course was just what I needed to understand and help me start mastering social media and have the confidence to apply what I learned to my business strategically. I look forward to other courses you may be offering. I recommend this course to all no matter what level of understanding they have with their social media they will always learn something new with your course.”

~Connie Mason, Chicago Illinois

Click here to learn about Insanely Profitable Social Media


Position Yourself as an Expert In Your Niche Using Social Media

Now you can quickly and easily get recognized as a top authority in your niche using the principles, strategies and tactics delivered in this exciting new program. You’ll attract more business, better clients at higher pricing and be able to pick and choose the clients you want – without having to fight for every last penny. It’s a known fact that experts are able to charge more, choose projects they want and work when and where they want. You could build that dream business lifestyle yourself using what you’ll discover in Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche.


Whatever your Social Media Training needs are we provide solutions to make sure you not only understand how to use social media, but that you are confidently using it strategically and profitably!

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