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Blogging Tips, Tactics and Trends: Survey Results

Are you looking for the most current blogging tips, tactics and strategies? Do you want to know what the pros are doing when it comes to content marketing and blogging? Keeping up with the latest trends and tactics on blogging can be daunting, however our friends over at Orbit Media Studios recently shared the results of a survey, which included over 1000+ bloggers and their take on creating blog content for your business. This seemed especially timely as 2017 approaches and it is time to start planning your content marketing strategy for the upcoming year. These results will show you what is working successfully for the top bloggers right now in terms of time, length, frequency, promotion and measurement. While I am not suggesting that what works for the majority will work for your content efforts, these results can give you a great place to begin, especially if you are just starting out or are not seeing the kinds of results from your content that you want. I encourage you to experiment with your approach, to find what will work best for your industry, business and community. Remember that quality is more important that quantity. Here are the results from […]

6 Deadly Consequences To Delaying Social Media Management

I know, I know. Who needs another article on why your business needs a social media management plan, right? The problem is that there are so many companies out there making major marketing mistakes that are not just bad for business…they’re downright scary when you realize these people have families to feed. This may come off as drastic but there is a serious disconnect between businesses and marketing strategies that work in 2012. It’s truly upsetting to see how many business owners and entrepreneurs that believe they should wait to implement social media until their new product or service is ready to launch. That really is working in reverse. You need to have your audience BEFORE you launch. Recently I’ve been contact by several of authors and coaches wanting to launch their books and products, they wanted to know about our social media management services. They continued to tell me that they weren’t ready yet to start social media, but wanted to be ready when their launched their book and/or product/service. I shared with them that their strategy was in deed backwards and that they needed to build up a community first of people who were hungry for what they […]

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