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5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Works

A lot of business owners are wondering if they really need social media marketing to help grow their business. That is understandable as social media hasn’t been around that long and has really only become mainstream in the last few years. Many businesses are very  familiar with traditional marketing strategies like TV, radio and print advertisements and are now needing to learn how to incorporate social media into their marketing mix. 5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Works For Business The list of benefits from using social media marketing are many. Here is just a short list of them: 1. Social Media Provides Easy Access Recent surveys have showed that four out of five Canadians, and 70% of Americans are on at least one social media site. With just a few clicks, people can find what they want and need on any of the popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Aside from reading the current news and events, people are doing more and more online, including making transactions like paying their bills and purchasing different products from various online shops like Amazon and eBay. Traditional forms of marketing have also branched out to the Internet with […]

Does It Pay To Use Social Media?

Social media can pay big dividends when used effectively and with the appropriate social media strategy. When we work with our clients we work with them to determine their goals but for most businesses their goal is to increase their visibility and  profits utilizing social media marketing. It’s important to understand that the use of social media marketing isn’t only about advertising and exposure, it’s about increasing sales like you’ve never experienced before! A lot of people are wondering if you can really make money from using social media. The simple answer is: YES! A lot of businesses and individuals alike are making money just by having and properly maintaining their own Social Media sites. This applies to businesses of all sizes in all cities across the world. Now a new question arises: How do they do it? Below are some of the strategies businesses use in order to help them have the best advantage of using Social Media and: MAKING MONEY. Free Advertising We all know how advertising can cost a fortune these days. Big companies spend millions of dollars just to promote a product for a few seconds on TV. But with the onset of Social Media, even […]

Choosing the Right Social Media Expert

A lot of people raise their eyebrows whenever they hear the term Social Media Expert. There are many reasons as to why they have negative connotations about it, but it simply boils down to there are still people that have not yet discovered the power of Social Media for businesses, big or small. With 4 out of 5 Canadian’s using Social Media, you’d be crazy to overlook this. Those business owners that are close-minded will really miss the boat, and see there competitors that are using Social Media effectively, soar ahead of them. It doesn’t matter where you are located, it’s going to be important for you to have a Social Media presence and manage it effectively and consistently. Now, if you are open to the idea of Social Media and in using it to promote your business, why should you hire a Social Media Expert? The answer is simple: You need a person with the right combined skills to effectively utilize the use of Social Media. You need someone who can make it work for you. In order to know who the right person is, read further where I describe how to choose the perfect Social Media Expert for you. […]

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