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9 Qualities to Create Compelling Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for a long time however it’s being talked about more and more. Content for your business may mean blog posts, graphics, videos, live streaming or podcasts. Have you ever wondered what you could do to help improve your ability to create content that is regularly shared and engaged with by your community? I am going to share with you the nine qualities successful content marketers have that allow them to consistently create amazing content that is eagerly consumed and shared by their communities. It is important to remember businesses that are successful at content marketing likely did not start out with all these qualities, but often developed them over time. You too can work to develop these qualities for yourself to improve your content and the success of it. Here are the nine qualities that successful content marketers share and how you can build these qualities in yourself and/or your team. 9 Essential Qualities of All Successful Content Marketers  1. Passionate Passion is a vital driving force behind creating great content. It is why you will consistently create awesome and valuable content for your community. Your passion is important as it is tied into why […]

5 Profitable Social Media Activities For Your Business (And When & What To Outsource)

Social media has been mainstream for many years now, but are you still struggling to figure out what you should be doing? Have you been spending time on social media but finding that the time spent isn’t generating enough results? Turning social media conversations into ROI takes careful planning and execution. It’s far too easy to invest your energies into time-consuming activities that yield negligible to no results. So how do you make sure that you’re working in the most efficient and effective way possible? How do you make sure that you’re converting your social media activities into solid business benefits that boost your bottom line? The key is to cut through the fluff and focus in on the indispensable actions that really work. The ones that you can actually pinpoint as fueling your business objectives and raising your profits. Here’s Our Guide to the 5 Social Media Activities That Actually Get Results. 1. Your Strategy Must Match Your Objectives One of the main reasons social media activities flounder is that they don’t have an end goal. To get the best results, you need to have a plan. First of all, you need to identify your ideal clients. Get really […]

13 Types of Highly Engaging & Shareable Content

Do you have a content marketing strategy for your business? Does your content strategy include creating content that your target market wants to share? Whenever the topic of content marketing comes up, it doesn’t take long before somebody throws their fist in the air to once again proclaim that, “content is king!” But how often have do you take the time to truly define a content creation strategy for your blog posts and social media content? It’s easy to throw the term “quality content” around but it takes a lot more effort to ensure your content marketing plan consists of content that is worth looking at. In fact today, you may even say good content isn’t enough, the goal is to create content that is shareable. In this article I’ve outlined 13 types of content that people love to share. 13 Ideas To Inspire Your Content Strategy Scroll down for the entire article 1. In-Depth Tutorials & How-To Style Articles A good old-fashioned tutorial never fails to impress audiences when done right. Some great examples of tutorials include: How To Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates How To Use Facebook Power Editor: A Detailed Guide 9 Steps To Getting Started With LinkedIn […]

Why Your IT Department Shouldn’t Do Your Social Media

The problem that I’m going to address today is one of the mistakes that many uninformed business owners and management teams make when deciding to implement a social media strategy. Before I get started, I should note that I believe that there are exceptions to almost every rule and I don’t intend to banish every person that’s ever helped someone with a computer problem to some covert social media marketer blacklist. Related: 5 Deadly Social Media Mistakes You Might Be Making   Social Media Marketing Is Not About Tech Of course there is a side to the social web that includes pages of developer code and fancy apps that could have come into existence from the tooth fairy, for all you know. What I’m talking about is the perception that social media is purely techy and just another job your web guy or IT department can take care of. When it comes to set up and design, a techy savvy person can spare you many headaches but social media is a marketing tool for business development and marketing, not IT.   You Don’t Need A Tech Expert, You Need A People Expert Whoever is in charge of your social media […]

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