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The Art & Science of a Successful Modern Marketer

It is no simple task for a business to be successful at marketing today. Marketers no longer have the luxury of specialization. In order to compete and thrive, they need a wide variety of skills – skills that incorporate both creativity from the right hemisphere of the brain and analytical thinking from the left hemisphere. In short, today’s successful marketer must be both artist and scientist, because what works in marketing is both an art and a science. Salesforce created a fantastic infographic that breaks down todays modern marketer. Here are eight key skills they identified, in greater detail (four artistic and four analytical) that every modern marketer must develop to ensure they adapt and flourish in today’s rapidly evolving world of marketing. The Modern Marketer Source: The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist [INFOGRAPHIC] Part Artist Written Content Writing as a skill has become vital for modern marketers. Content marketing, often in the form of written articles, is now a big component in many brand’s sales funnels. It plays a very important role in how brands are able to be found (through search engines or social media platforms) and then build relationships with their target market. This written content […]

Social Media Is a Waste of Time Without Building an Email List

Are you spending tons of time executing a social selling strategy that’s not working as well as you hoped? Businesses need to start investing more time and energy into building an email list rather than putting all of their energy into social media alone. An email list allows you to stay in touch, provide consistent value, remain top of mind and (occasionally) sell something. If you aren’t building an email list with your social media audience, you are missing a key strategy for your digital marketing plan. Here’s a very simple breakdown of the content marketing/social media sales funnel and how it connects to building an email list: Content is shared on social media with intention of driving traffic back to website. Visitors read article and (hopefully) follow your call-to-action to join your email list (read more about this part here). Use emails to deliver higher value content on a consistent basis. When sufficient value has been provided, go for a sale. Repeat Many businesses are stopping the funnel before they even get to step 2. This is a problem and if you’re making this mistake, you’re paying for it in time and money. Investing all your eggs in someone […]

11 Ways To Get More Email Subscribers & Increase Conversions

Are you publishing content on a blog but not converting enough leads from it? Email marketing and blogging go together like peanut butter and jelly but it takes more skill and experimentation that achieves the end result we seek. It’s not easy, it requires hard work, creativity and consistency to ensure you find the rhythm that works for you and your audience as quickly as possible. I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money finding my rhythm and there are a few tricks or “tried and true” methods I’ve come across. There are also a few tricks that used to work really well and have become more saturated. I’ll discuss those too. 1. ebooks Are Out. Courses & Libraries Are In. White papers, checklists and reports were driving a lot of email subscribers for a few years until it became more common to see eBooks. Providing concise eBooks that contained unique and actionable information have been effective in recent years but we are reaching the point of saturation. Many experts including John Jantsch and Derek Halpern have recently noted the shift towards free online courses and content libraries as incentives for email subscribers. Copyblogger is a great example of […]

How To Build An Email List Using Social Media

Are you struggling to convert social media followers into sales? Do you put a lot of effort into your social selling strategy but see little results? In my experience, I see a lot of people do social media well but don’t have an active plan to convert those followers into actual leads. For this, you need to build a sales funnel and the most crucial aspect of this funnel is your email list. If you think email marketing is dead, you are dead wrong. I constantly talk about how I love LinkedIn because it’s 4 times more effective for lead generation than Twitter or Facebook. That number is dwarfed by email marketing’s ability to generate an ROI of 4,300%. Email marketing has an ROI of 4300% (Source: Direct Marketing Association) Tweet This Stat! If you think that number isn’t realistic for most businesses, think again. As Chris Brogan says, email marketing isn’t dead, bad email marketing is dead. One qualified email subscriber is worth more than 1000 Facebook fans that may or may not see your posts. The real question is, how do you merge your social selling and email marketing strategy so they work together?  “Email marketing isn’t dead. […]

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