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Maximize Your Results with Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Do you ever wonder what you can do to increase the engagement of your content on LinkedIn? LinkedIn recently surveyed more than 9000 of their members globally, to find out just how people are interacting with content while on LinkedIn and they created an infographic to share their findings. I have gone through and broken down the information in this infographic to help you use it to your advantage to maximize the results of your content marketing and get increased engagement from your ideal clients. In addition, I’ll share how to gain reach far beyond your own network as well as what will help you to establish your authority and build a community on LinkedIn. Motivating LinkedIn Members to Engage with Your Content Source: What Motivates LinkedIn Members to Engage With Your Content? Just to give you an idea about the kind of audience that you can reach on LinkedIn, they have over half a billion global members in 200 countries. In fact: Over 2 new members join every second Two thirds of the new members are located outside of the US Many members are regularly active with 100 million plus unique visitors to the site each month In short, […]

5 Reliable Ways To Increase Engagement on Facebook

Are you doing the best you can to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts? With more than half of Facebook’s 800+ million users logging on every day, it should be easy to get a slice of the pie, right? Many say it could be easier… There are several steps you should be taking to ensure you are creating an environment that promotes and stimulates engagement. Since Facebook has become such an important communication channel for social network marketing, you should be following these tips as closely as possible in order to keep people interested and active on your page: Related: 6 Important Steps To Creating a Facebook Page Ask Specific Questions, but don’t make them too complicated. No one wants to do homework before they say something on your wall. Ask intriguing questions that require short, one-word answers and “yes or no” questions are effective ways to provoke the engagers less likely to respond. Post Photos That Provoke Comments, Likes & Shares. Some of the simplest ways to get people engaged is to ask their opinion. Changed your haircut? Post a picture and ask people to comment and tell you what they think. I had an extremely […]

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