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25+ Social Media Tasks The Pros Never Forget

Do you sometimes feel like the social media tasks you are doing aren’t getting any results? Would you like to know if the tasks you are doing are worth the time you spend on them? This week’s article focuses on the most important social media tasks that can’t be skipped on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. Want to find out how social media savvy you are? Take the test in the infographic below and give yourself 1 point for each task you incorporate into your social media strategy. Tally up your total of Yeses and use the score indicator at the bottom to find out how well you did. Whether you are doing well or you need some improvement, this social media checklist provided will help you pick up some slack wherever needed. How Social Media Savvy Are You? [Take The Test] Feel free to share this infographic on your blog or via social media Share Your Results On Twitter! You get 1 point for every task you incorporate into your social media strategy from the graphic above. Tally up your points and share your results on Twitter below! 0-5 Points – You have much to learn young grasshopper. If you […]

Mari Smith’s Top 10 Facebook Tips

I just listened in on a Facebook webinar by my mentor Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook.  She provided 10 ESSENTIAL Facebook Tips and I’ve recapped them here in this blog post for you. If you want to  make more money using Facebook, it’s essential you use it the right way. Follow these tips and you will have much more success with Facebook. Missed Mari’s Facebook webinar? Click here to watch the replay now Here are Mari Smith’s Top 10 Facebook Tips that she shared in her webinar: Facebook Tip #1: Understand Facebook edgerank This is the formula that determines who see’s what in the news feed. Only 16% of your content is being seen by your fans (some report it’s even less). Mari suggests checking how your Facebook content is doing by checking it out Facebook Tip #2: Include photo’s Photo’s and videos get the highest edge rank which means they are the posts most likely to show up in your fans newsfeed. Keep your posts to under 160 characters. Maximize visibility to your site and increase engagement. Facebook Tip #3: Don’t post links via 3rd party apps Facebook doesn’t include the share button on your posts that come from […]

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