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The Facebook Page Notifications Debacle

Another day and another major change to Facebook page notifications potentially making promoting posts even tougher without shelling out cash for advertising. Many page admins recently got the sneaking suspicion that Facebook quietly changed their notorious EdgeRank algorithm yet again. The evidence at hand: Photo updates, widely known as the best way to maximize post impressions, started showing significantly less impressions than usual After my own tests, I was able to conclude that I was getting approximately half the amount of impressions on photo posts vs. plain text updates Renowned Facebook expert Mari Smith saw a drop in the “People Talking About This” metric from 5500 to only 1900 in a week Facebook Pages: Going Premium? Social Identities made a post on their Facebook page showing a few screenshots of a Facebook survey indicating the social media giant is considering launching a premium service for page owners that could possibly include email and chat support. Here is a partial the list of some potential services that might be offered: Prominent listing in Facebook Search and local directory Ability to respond to people who comment or post on your page using private messages Ability to change the name of your page […]

Facebook Groups: The Overlooked Engagement Goldmine?

Facebook Groups has completely fallen off the radar for most people since it’s major change back in 2010 but some people have managed to resurrect it and use it the right way. Up until a few months ago, I thought Facebook Groups was a complete bust. It was a seemingly useless feature that would only annoy me when friends put me into random groups without my permission. Since then I have come to see it in a different light and think that you might as well, especially considering only 7% of fans are seeing posts from pages they’ve liked. The numbers are simply atrocious and nearly every page admin who has noticed has uniformly determined that something must be done. Before that something becomes deleting your Facebook page, it might be time to consider a new alternative…   The Second Rise of Facebook Groups I think many early adopters of Facebook for business use likely created a Facebook group before figuring out there was a page option that was completely separate. After meeting an untimely demise with the Facebook Groups overhaul two years ago, most group admins decided to abandon ship for the new standard created by pages. It is […]

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