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Facebook Hack: Get Around The 20% Text Rule for Facebook Ads

Have you had your Facebook ads rejected because of the 20% text rule? Do you ever have issues with the Facebook 20% ad text rule when trying to market a blog post or product? Sometimes it’s hard to get the full title or text large enough to read without running into your ad being unapproved “Not Boosted” by Facebook. Well, I may have found a small solution / work around that may help some marketers until Facebook catches on. I’ll use examples from my Facebook page for CollegeOwlz, an online student marketplace where college kids can make money selling their notes and textbooks. All of these ads exceeded the 20% ad text limit, but due to this work around, I was able to run the ads for extended periods of time ranging from a few hours to days. Note however, that this workaround only works for users looking for immediate engagements with the post and not expecting the ad to run for a full week to month long period. As sometimes Facebook does catch it and moves the ad boost to “Not Boosted.” So let’s begin… What I have found is that upon posting your social message with an image, […]

8 Ways To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Have you made an incredible video to help promote your product or service? Then it’s time to optimize it for YouTube’s search so that your future customers can easily find it. There is no point in producing a quality short as part of your video marketing strategy if no one can find it. 8 Ways To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy  1. Strive to make a viewer stay with you for at least the first 8 seconds. This is the most important time to grab a viewer, because if they click away before those 8 seconds pass, they do not count towards your # of views total. Save your biography for later. Get their attention first. 2. Make sure you have a Facebook page and post your YouTube videos there also. Also post your videos on your blog and Twitter account. This multiplies your opportunities for exposure and provides cross-channel traffic between the different social sites. Related: 10 Ways To Use YouTube Video Marketing To Promote Your Business 3. Embed your video inside your blog posts. Personally, I like to write a blog post to accompany my new videos so I can gain more traffic to my site as well […]

Turbo Charge Your Video Marketing Strategy With Pinterest

It looks like Pinterest could be one of the best things that has happened to your YouTube channel and your video marketing strategy. If you still haven’t heard of Pinterest, it has become the latest top performing social media website, using pictures pinned on an interest board in lieu of traditional text or blog entries. You can check out my Pinterest site at to see how I’ve been using it. The Power of Photo’s on Pinterest The power of a good visual is proving to be incredibly useful when driving traffic to websites and its time to get your hands in the pot! As part of any video marketing strategy, you want to be sure that you are posting your videos to sites that will get you the most views by your target market, whether it be on your own Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc. Related: 10 Ways To Use YouTube Video Marketing To Promote Your Business  Currently, the most active demographic on Pinterest is women aged 22-47. Businesses who regularly post on Pinterest are finding that views of their video are increasing by a whopping 300% – sometimes within days of posting a picture that simply leads to a […]

Mari Smith’s Top 10 Facebook Tips

I just listened in on a Facebook webinar by my mentor Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook.  She provided 10 ESSENTIAL Facebook Tips and I’ve recapped them here in this blog post for you. If you want to  make more money using Facebook, it’s essential you use it the right way. Follow these tips and you will have much more success with Facebook. Missed Mari’s Facebook webinar? Click here to watch the replay now Here are Mari Smith’s Top 10 Facebook Tips that she shared in her webinar: Facebook Tip #1: Understand Facebook edgerank This is the formula that determines who see’s what in the news feed. Only 16% of your content is being seen by your fans (some report it’s even less). Mari suggests checking how your Facebook content is doing by checking it out Facebook Tip #2: Include photo’s Photo’s and videos get the highest edge rank which means they are the posts most likely to show up in your fans newsfeed. Keep your posts to under 160 characters. Maximize visibility to your site and increase engagement. Facebook Tip #3: Don’t post links via 3rd party apps Facebook doesn’t include the share button on your posts that come from […]

Founder of LinkedIn’s BIGGEST Social Media Group Shares His Secrets

In my pursuit of knowledge to help me master the art of LinkedIn Groups, I’ve managed to engage with some really high profile authorities on the subject. For this particular interview, I set my sights real high and contacted the founder of the largest and most active group on LinkedIn, Michael Crosson. FULL PODCAST INTERVIEW: Every marketer will drool at the thought of matching his social dominance with over 330,000 members in their social media marketing group while it continues to grow by thousands each day. There was clearly thousands of questions I wanted to ask but I needed to first ground myself and figure out if he had some sort of mystical edge or secret fame (how’s that for an oxymoron) that helped propel his member-base at such an incredible pace. It’s far too daunting for any person to think about getting 300,000 members to their group before they’ve gotten 10 so I wanted to know something a bit more simple. How do you master getting 1000 members to your LinkedIn groups and how quickly can that happen? The Key Is In The Keywords “I started the group four years ago and I was one of the very early […]

5 Reliable Ways To Increase Engagement on Facebook

Are you doing the best you can to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts? With more than half of Facebook’s 800+ million users logging on every day, it should be easy to get a slice of the pie, right? Many say it could be easier… There are several steps you should be taking to ensure you are creating an environment that promotes and stimulates engagement. Since Facebook has become such an important communication channel for social network marketing, you should be following these tips as closely as possible in order to keep people interested and active on your page: Related: 6 Important Steps To Creating a Facebook Page Ask Specific Questions, but don’t make them too complicated. No one wants to do homework before they say something on your wall. Ask intriguing questions that require short, one-word answers and “yes or no” questions are effective ways to provoke the engagers less likely to respond. Post Photos That Provoke Comments, Likes & Shares. Some of the simplest ways to get people engaged is to ask their opinion. Changed your haircut? Post a picture and ask people to comment and tell you what they think. I had an extremely […]

6 Important Steps to Create a Facebook Page

With the sea of constant changes, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and find your voice with your Facebook page. For every success story on Facebook there are 100 frustrated entrepreneurs struggling to make a dent. In light of this, we’ve brought together 6 steps to ensure you’ve got the best head start possible when creating your Facebook page. 1. Create A Custom Landing Page A custom-landing page is your first impression on a new Facebook fan, so make it count! Brands like Red Bull have attracted over 23 million fans with an effective call-to-action the moment you get to their page. They hint at you to like their Facebook page with specific instructions and many arrows plus a blurry, translucent background hiding secret goodies waiting to be revealed. Collaborate with your graphic designer to come up with something professional that is visually appealing and has a proper call-to-action. With Facebook’s recent changes, people don’t have to like your page to comment on your wall so make sure you are reminding them to “like” it. Pro Tip: Add a welcome video to the landing page to increase likes and engagement. 2. The Perfect Profile Picture Don’t underestimate […]

Social Media Strategy 101: 7 Tools You Need to Get Started

Social media offers tremendous marketing opportunities for small businesses, yet many small business owners have never bothered to develop a social media strategy. If you’re not already taking advantage of social media, this article will serve as Social Media Strategy 101 for you. If you’ve already started using social media but know you could do a lot more with it, you’ll probably find some pointers here to strengthen your social media strategy. 1. Formulate Your Social Media Strategy The first and foremost tool is your own brain! Take some time to determine exactly what your goals are with social media. Is it to increase visibility, build your brand, attract more customers or some other goal? How will you know that you are succeeding? Directly pitching potential customers on social media sites is a turn-off, but savvy users know that social media can be best used in certain specific areas such as: strengthening customer relations, improving customers’ perception of your brand, enhanced communication with customers to learn more about what they want and like, and of course building relationships and loyalty. 2. Be Seen on Facebook Did you know that Facebook is the most visited website in the world? If you […]

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