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How to Activate Facebook Timeline NOW!

The time has finally arrived that you are able to activate Facebook Timeline on your own personal profile. Although many dread seeing their beloved Facebook profile suddenly change on them, many really like it. Facebook has upped their game with this new facelift and we are very excited to show it to you. Just in case you are afraid to make the change right away, we’ve prepared a short video that shows you exactly what happens when you swallow the red pill. Join us for a journey down the rabbit hole into a new era of Facebook and potentially an evolution on how we use and view social media. The days of status updates and old photos getting lost in the digital abyss are gone and now the days of digital storytelling have arrived. Ladies and Gentleman…say hello to the new Facebook Timeline. To activate your Facebook Timeline you can go to: I hope this video helped you to understand how to activate Facebook Timeline. I’d love to here what you think about the changes Facebook has made, share them in the comments below.

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