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How to Increase Your Social Proof to Attract More Customers

If you are like a lot of business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs, you may have heard the term social proof thrown around and used like any of the latest trendy business terms. But I can assure you, social proof is no synergy, paradigm-shift or growth hacking. Social proof is a more inclusive and comprehensive name for a very old marketing concept. One that has been influencing customers since there were businesses to buy from. At its core, social proof is word of mouth advertising in today’s digital market place. Why Social Proof Is So Important Social proof is one of the key influencers that people use when making a decision who to do business with. People look to what others have done when making a decision and that’s why reviews, testimonials and endorsements have been so powerful for businesses. The Social Proof Theory, which I explored in the psychology behind social media engagement, states that: “A person who does not know what the proper behavior for a certain situation is, will look to other people to imitate what they are doing and to provide guidance for their actions.” In simpler terms, social proof helps us make decisions when we are […]

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